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April 22nd, 2009

Album: Trigger The Bloodshed – The Great Depression

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Trigger The Bloodshed
The Great Depression
Rising Records
06 April 2009

by Wrigz

Bath-based noise merchants Trigger The Bloodshed are on fire and on the crest of a wave. Just one year after their debut offering Purgation they have unleashed their second grindcore barrage our way in the form of The Great Depression.

By God it’s huge: a downright vicious take no prisoners aural onslaught, and that’s just the opener and title track to the album. These death metal teens have talent by the bucketload and Jonny Burgan’s vocals make you wonder whether he is actually human.

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This album does not pause for breath in its brutality, it is pure aural aggression. Rob Purnell and Martyn Evans are frightening with their guitar work, technically unstoppable as the likes of ‘The Scourging Impurity’ and ‘Contemporary Perception Narcotics’ ricochet through your skull.

Max Blunos and Dave Purnell don’t just hold the backline together; they bring it forward and bludgeon the listener into submission. ‘Dessicate Earth’ tears you apart – its nasty and frightening in a damn good way.

Watch the video to ‘The Great Depression’ by Trigger The Bloodshed

With this album, Trigger have managed to maintain an essence of clarity in an often muddy environment. The production is spot on, clean and deadly without losing any of the punch. A rare feat especially as this is a self produced effort.

They’re heavy as hell, well worthy of all the press attention, and indeed the Metal Hammer Golden Gods ‘Best New Band’ nomination. Move over Bring Me The Horizon… let these guys show you how to do it properly.


Sounds Like: Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silence, Beelzebub himself giving BMTH a good hiding.
Top Tracks: The Great Depression, The Scourging Impurity

Trigger The Bloodshed – The Great Depression tracklisting
The Great Depression
Sanctuary Of The Wretched
The Scourging Impurity
The Dead World
Interlude – I
Contemporary Perception Narcotics
Dessicate Earth
The Infliction Of Tophet
Disfigured Anonymity



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