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April 6th, 2009

Interview: Oceano – “Theres always SOMETHING to be pissed about!”

Ahead of the release of their debut album, Depths, we caught up with Chicago death metallers Oceano. Frontman Adam Warren to discuss just how angry they are, the pitfalls of brutalising hot women and their favourite bit of a cow…

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Depths is a pretty angry record and you’ve described yourself as an angry band. What has pissed you off so much?
“We’re pissed off about alot of things, albeit the hiccups and burdens we experience in life all the way down to the wrongs in society and just how inherently fucked up this world can be.”

What is your favourite song on Depths and why?
“My favorite would have to be ‘Inhuman Affliction’. Its just an all around diverse and interesting song from start to finish. Because of that it is also is very fun to play live and fans really seem to go wild for that one whenever we play it.”

What would happen if all your ills were suddenly fixed? What would you sing about?
“Theres always something to be pissed about!”

How healthy is American death metal at the moment?
“The genre is definitely thriving and continuing to become exposed to a larger fan base. Most music trends or the popular style of the moment typical tend to have short life spans, but the death metal and deathcore wave is still sweeping the nation, which is very exciting.”

Watch a brilliantly cheesy TV advert for Depths by Oceano

What are you doing differently?
“What makes us stand out from the numerous bands working to stake their claim in the genre is our energy and intensity. We get onstage and you’re going to feel the anger and aggression we feel. We try to concentrate those emotions on stage and transmit them back to our fans, which ultimately bounces back again to us, thus creating a room full of angry sons of bitches bent on destruction!”

Your shows are notoriously violent. Would you agree that actively encouraging violence seems a touch irresponsible? Do you ever stop to wonder if some damage you cause might be irreversible?
“In our extreme metal and hardcore scene of things, every show is violent, so we’re pretty used to it when things get a little rowdy. Sometimes things get ridiculous but again, its nothing new. Granted there are those times when things get completely out of hand and either we need to stop playing or cut in to dissolve a fight. Normally we let security do their job unless we feel its even out of their control. If things are getting too rowdy we always make it clear for kids to control themselves at least a bit, just so no one ruins the show for anyone else. We’ve never encouraged any deliberate violence or lashing out upon others at our shows, but admittedly we do encourage kids to get as angry as we are. However they take that encouragement is up to them though.”

As funny as it is that those photos of you fake chopping up hot women last year have managed to cause uproar, how badly has it affected the band?
“I don’t think it has affected us negatively at all. It surely did stir up a lot of controversy, but that brought a lot of attention to the band which, in the end, only helps us get our name further out in the open.”

You were banned from Christian venues in particular. Are any members of Oceano particularly religious themselves?
“Being the lyricist of the band, my lyrics are constantly taken out of context and misunderstood. So I’ve had to assure a lot of our Christian fans that we are not anti-religion, nor would we ever bash anyone’s values or beliefs. Because of this, I would simply state we are neither/nor as a whole. Some of us do hold religious values and some are far from it!”

You’ve had some other pretty bad luck with car crashes and cancelled tours. How has that affected morale in the band at such an important time in your career.
“Oceano have come across numerous downfalls and setbacks basically since we began working to take this band on as a serious touring act. Being in a band, you always have to be prepared for the worst outcome, and we definitely are seasoned vets when it comes to The Worst. In the end though, all of our downfalls and shortcomings have only made the band stronger as a whole. We’re all still here doing what we love to do, even after so much bullshit.”

You claim to be bringing the beef. What is your favourite method of cooking a cow and what part of said cow do you love eating the most?
“I think in an overall band consensus, a good ole’ American cheeseburger owns the hearts (literally) of Oceano!”


Oceano release their debut album, Depths via Earache Records on 13 April 2009. Find out more about Oceano at their official MySpace.





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