Thrash Hits

April 29th, 2009

Poll: Swine Flu gave us an excuse to turn band names into pig-related band names

piglet pig swine flu thrash hits

We’re so bloody topical here at Thrash Hits that we’re wearing a soggy mask over our mouth and we said, “HELL NO!” to the offer of a second bacon sandwich at breakfast. It looked a bit pig flu-ey.

Obviously, this isn’t true – we had a sausage as well – but while we were sitting around drinking and talking about bands with a Mexican man (yes, some of them are still alive), we made up some reasonably funny shit by putting pig-related words into band names.

Through us really knowing how to have fun on a night out, you’re lucky enough to be able to vote on which one’s the funniest.

Pig Destroyer didn’t get into this poll because they actually have ‘Pig’ in their name, which kinda makes it not funny. Not that Pig Flu is funny, obviously. PEOPLE DIED.

[poll id=”9″]

You can probably think of some even funnier mashups, so feel free to show us up below by revealing your amazing funniness at putting pig-related words into band names in a comment below.



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