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April 16th, 2009

The Ghost Of A Thousand film video for new single, ‘Bright Lights’

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Brighton’s finest rock band, The Ghost Of A Thousand are to release a new single, ‘Bright Lights’ on 18 May 2009. They shot a video for it last week and Thrash Hits was there to get a bit temporarily blinded, take some photos, chat to Tom Lacey and then leave, smelling like a baby.

After a mammoth 11-hour stint filming in an east London studio complex which was also hosting Hell’s Kitchen with Marco Pierre White, singer Tom Lacey still took a couple of weary minutes to talk to us about the day’s goings on:

“We had to get up at 5am in Brighton so it’s been a long day but it’s been fun. I was quite nervous because I didn’t know what was going to be required. Last time we did a video, it was smaller scale. This time there’s catering and everything!”

“If you don’t know the band, it’s as good an introduction as you could have and if you were a fan of the first record then it ushers in the change without being too scary or confrontational. It’s a solid Ghost Of A Thousand song.”

Before disappearing to greet some loyal TGOAT fans who were appearing in a scene in the video, Tom spoke about the animated aspect to the video and the dangers of quagmire:

“It’s more about the overall feel and the theme. All the artwork’s based around these guys opening all of these treasure chests on the bottom of the sea. It looks like thousands of teardrops coming off an enormous creature. I don’t know if the creature’s gonna feature but the swirling nature of the artwork is.”

“‘Fed To The Ocean’ is going to be the second single and the moment it sounds like we’re going to be wading through marshland for that video which could be quite dangerous for our health! After doing a studio video, it’ll be nice to do something with scenery and all that shit.”

‘Bright Lights’ will be the first cut taken from TGOAT’s forthcoming second album, New Hopes, New Demonstrations which will hit shelves two weeks later on 01 June 2009 via Epitaph Europe.

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