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May 6th, 2009

Album: CKY – Carver City

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Carver City
Roadrunner Records
18 May 2009

by Sophia Murray

CKY have returned once again with their new album Carver City which is jam packed with those grooved out post- grudge, sludgy rifts and, catchy choruses you will not be able to get out of your head for a couple of days.

The urge to compare this album to CKY’s Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild back in 2002 is extremely tempting – that album had a sense of direction, it was cohesive. Carver City, however, is rather bleak in comparison.

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‘Hellions On Parade’, ‘…And She Never Returned’ and ‘Rats In The Infirmary’ have intros that in brief all sound eerily familiar to the opening chords of the band’s infamous ‘96 Quite Bitter Beginnings’. As genius as that song is, it just makes this album sound as if it has been recycled from a lot of the band’s older material. Halfway through this album the songs begin to sound like an uninspired blur: there is no differentiation whatsoever and just a lot of repetition. Overall, it is a pity the lyrical content is just as frail.

Here’s an interview with Bam Margera, who isn’t in CKY

Harsh criticisms aside though, CKY have maintained their ability to generate shamelessly good hooks which is Carver City’s saving grace. Take the song ‘Karmaworks’, for example. This is an up-tempo track which is executed perfectly, it is also lyrically stronger and will have you nodding your head along to the drumbeat and bass if you have any sense of rhythm. ‘Woe Is Me’ sounds a little distorted but coupled with an interesting assortment of asthmatic sounding, growling vocals it does the trick.

The credibility factor is something these guys have always struggled to achieve. The common knowledge that this is a band that emerged form a chaotic, amusingly idiotic TV show has chipped away at their street cred to a certain extent. Yet now, instead of making an album that evolves CKY’s greatest musical strengths, Carver City hardly scratches the surface of any true potential.


Sounds like: A band from Chester, Pennsylvania called CKY
Top tracks: Woe Is Me, Karmaworks

CKY – Carver City tracklisting
Hellions On Parade
…And She Never Returned
Rat In The Infirmary
Imaginary Threats
The Boardwalk Body
Plagued By Images
Woe Is Me
A# Roller Rager
Old Carver’s Bones
The Era Of An End



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