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May 21st, 2009

Album: Lay Down Rotten – Gospel Of The Wretched

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Lay Down Rotten
Gospel Of The Wretched
Metal Blade Records
08 May 2009

by Sophia Murray

Lay Down Rotten have always certainly known how to bring the noise and they are still doing it with their latest effort – Gospel Of The Wretched. There are all the ingredients of what makes a fine album here. Just track after track of nothing but fierce, fast, furious, undiluted heavy metal.

This band has an all guns blazing, take no prisoners approach when it comes to their music and that reignites throughout this album. ‘Conditioning The Weak’ is one of the tracks that immediately takes your breath away. ‘Altering The Whore’ will leave you gasping just as hard too. These songs launch into an attack of marvellous brutality and speed without hesitation. Basically, ripping your face off and then rubbing salt into the gaping wound.

As this album progresses things get even gorier so, just when you thought Lay Down Rotten couldn‘t push it any further, brace yourself.

lay down rotten gospel of the wretched album cover artwork metal blade thrash hits 2009

Some of the other songs that will make the hairs on the back of your neck tingle are ‘When All Becomes Nothing’ and ‘Hours Of Infinity’. Both are darkly savage songs littered with harshness too which is what this record is all about. Each track is unique in its delivery, each unleashes its own level of vicious power which is to be expected from the band that gave us the equally captivating Reconquering The Pit album from 2007.

Gospel Of The Wretched does not fall short of any gleaming standard either. Everything from the serious blast-beat style of drumming, dark vocals and the slick guitar work is something that every “real” metal fan will adore and has been waiting for. Not to mention this album boasts vocal input from some legendary death metal heavy weights including producer Dan Swanö who also mixed this album. Marc Grewe of Morgoth and Martin van Drunen of Hail Of Bullets have lent their vocal talents too.

What started as a humble solo project by vocalist Daniel Jakobi has thankfully blossomed into one of the most admirable bands circulating the scene today and, armed with an album that will truly put Lay Down Rotten in a league of their own.


Sounds like: Suffocation, Abigail Williams, Origin
Top tracks: Conditioning The Weak, When All Becomes Nothing, Altering The Whore.

Lay Down Rotten – Gospel Of The Wretched tracklisting
Gospel Of The Wretched
Thy Won’t Be Done
Hours Of Infinity
Altering The Whore
Conditioning The Weak
He Who Sows Hate
Beyond Damnation
When All Becomes Nothing
Where Spirits Lie Dead



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