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May 26th, 2009

Album: Steadlür – Steadlür

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Roadrunner Records
18 May 2009

by Ryan Williams

Kicking off with the sound of someone else’s motorcycle starting and a noodling riff stolen from the ‘80s leading into Sebastian Bach’s long-disowned son shouting some crap about screaming like a demon and crawling on the ceiling, Atlanta, Georgia’s Steadlür set the tone for their album perfectly.

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They go on to shout that this is their poison and that this is who they are but that’s slightly misleading as Puddle Of Mudd appear to make a cameo during the chorus of the quite brilliantly titled, ‘My Mom Hates Me’ where they spout banal lyrics about her making them wash their hair… and underwear. Bet she bloody does.

This youthful American quartet are simply the latest in a long line of retro-rocking youngsters who have all the poses and all the technical ability and efficiency to write a highly stylised song with a catchy hook but just lack the star power and the balls to write some music that is genuine and invigorating.

Watch the video to ‘Bumpin” by Steadlür

Yes, Steadlür write some insanely catchy songs and maybe I’m over-thinking all of this, but when confronted with a suitably loutish song like ‘Whisky And Women’ which leads into sub-par “sensitive” MOR anthem ‘Angel (On The Wrong Side Of Town)’, you will lean towards the stop button.

If you’re into the kind of contrived posturing that sees a crappy skull ‘n’ crossbones bandana wrapped around a wrist that is pouring a pointedly rock ‘n’ roll glass of Jack Daniel’s, then you will probably love Steadlür. Otherwise, pour yourself another Wild Turkey.


Sounds like: Motley Crue, Eagles, other re-hashed ‘80s legends
Top tracks: Poison, Bumpin’, My Mom Hates Me

Steadlür – Steadlür tracklisting
My Mom Hates Me
Turn It Up
It’s Too Late
Whisky And Women
Angel (On The Wrong Side Of Town)
Barely Breathing
Livin’ A Lie



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