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May 21st, 2009

Album: The Boy Will Drown – Fetish

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The Boy Will Drown
Earache Records
18 May 2009

by Luke Morton

UK metal is growing stronger and heavier by the day with the current influx of new and more exciting bands being signed to some of the best metal labels today and The Boy Will Drown are no exception. Fetish is the debut album from the Norwich extreme metallers and takes the genre to a new level. Fusing aspects of death metal, tech and grindcore, this LP is sure to impress any metal fan.

Kicking straight into the carnage is the delightfully named ‘Deep Throat’ which tries to cram as much musical mayhem into three minutes as technically possible. Elements of The Fall Of Troy are apparent in the technicality of the guitar playing, whilst the music itself are blunt and brutal.

Fetish is an intense onslaught of labyrinthine riffs, thrash paced drums and ferocious vocals. There is a change in pace though during ‘Josef Fritzl’ which (after an insane blast of metal) slows down to a mere guitar piece which didn’t particularly go anywhere – similar to his daughter.

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A much shorter assault of metal at just 24 seconds, ‘Elisabeth Fritzl’ is a great example of pure grinding metal – which I’m sure she’s proud of. Another example of the short, sharp blasts of metal is Dance Like An Epileptic. The noise is comparable to flailing around on the floor and spazzing out to flashing lights, only more fun – unless you’re watching it.

These sub-30 second explosions of metal are countered by the superb ‘Dead Girls’ in which The Boy Will Drown attempt to throw out everything in their arsenal – the result is a perfectly constructed barrage of anger and emotion. The song changes to a style more suited to a much softer band which, when listening, feels like the song is deeper and more emotional than the rest and not just a generic metal song about hurting people and sticking it to the man.

The Boy Will Drown’s debut offering then is great for any avid metal fan looking for something different. Mixing the experimental side of metal with the heavier angrier side, Fetish covers all bases. Whether it’s the short sharp blasts of unfathomable intricate grindcore or the longer ballad-like tracks filled with breakdowns and groove. This album could be the start of something big.


Sounds Like: Psyopus, Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan
Top Tracks: Dead Girls, Deep Throat, Apollo’s Lyre

The Boy Will Drown – Fetish tracklisting
Deep Throat
Josef Fritzl
Apollo’s Lyre
Dead Girls
Dance Like An Epileptic
Barrymore’s Pool Party
Elisabeth Fritzl
Suis La Luna



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