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May 4th, 2009

Future Hits 024: Evita

Heavy music on these fair isles is as strong as it’s ever been. That’s why we’ve caught up with Bristol’s freshest charges, Evita. We had a chat to guitarist, Daniel Cranney about naming a metal band after a film with Madonna in it.

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From: Bristol, UK
Sounds like: As I Lay Dying, Black Dahlia Murder, other heavy metalcore bands

How did you meet?
We met Paul [Perkins, Bass] when he was playing guitar and singing at a house party. And it was strange how we met Mike [Thompson, guitar] too. He came to see us play at a show in Wales and got chatting to Aaron [Beider, vocals] and said he played guitar. We were looking for a new guitarist and so when he moved to Bristol for University, he sent us some demos and we had a jam with him and asked him to join!

What made you want to start Evita?
Initially the line-up was different, but it was mainly to try and make some fun but interesting music that was a bit different from what we were hearing. We feel that our sound now is different to what is popular in the UK at the moment, we try and combine all of our influences and make something that everyone can like, whether they are metal fans or not.

What was it like growing up in Bristol?
It was great, the music scene is great here for all genres. We’ve all been playing in bands for years around all of the different venues and it’s getting better and better with loads of new bands starting up. I guess the best thing is the friendship between all of the metal and hardcore bands in Bristol. We all hang out a lot and support each other.

Where did the name come from?
We get asked that a lot, even though I think everyone knows where it’s from. I wish we had a more interesting story, but yes, it is taken from the musical. I’ve never actually seen it, but I guess Madonna’s pretty good in it because it’s pretty well known isn’t it. It does make searching for us on Google or YouTube quite difficult, especially for live videos.

What are your musical influences?
We’re all into loads of different types of music. We’re all big New Found Glory fans as well as a load of other pop punk bands. Cant forget Blink 182 of course. We’re all heavily influenced by Underoath and Thrice as well. But we all listen to different things really, Mike likes quite a lot of metal, and Paul’s a huge R’n’B fan and I listen to quite a lot of hip-hop. So, as you can tell, the music in the van is quite varied on tour. All of our influences are put into our music in varying degrees really.

With which band would your dream tour be?
I think I can safely say that it would be with Underoath or Thrice. They’re both huge inspirations to us. They’re great bands and it’s our dream to play with either of them.

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
With our sound being a mix of styles, we play with a wide range of bands, from hardcore bands like Your Demise and More Than Life to metal bands like Annotations Of An Autopsy and Shadow Law to pop punk bands like Paige, who we’re playing with at this years Ghostfest.

You’re going on tour with Shaped By Fate. How have you prepared?
We’re practicing songs from our album at the moment so we can take them out on the road in July and show people what our new material is like. We’re also just tying up the preparations for the release of our album, Minutes and Miles.

What’s the funniest show you’ve played?
We played a really funny show in a small village in Belgium with The Eyes of a Traitor last August. It was the smallest venue we’ve ever played and the drum kit was in an old fireplace and there was no stage. The place packed out and they went crazy, and some people were climbing up the walls and people were jumping off the bar (including the sound man). The place was a mess after, but it was such a great show.

What have you got planned for Minutes & Miles and your future?
We just want to get our name everywhere we can get it. We plan on touring non-stop and making as well many people know about us as possible. We’re also looking to land some bigger tours and a couple of opportunities are in the pipeline at the moment that we’re excited about.

What other band should everyone find out about?
The Arusha Accord. They’re recording their album and it’s guaranteed to be amazing. They’re great lads, really easy-going and a bunch of musical geniuses. I can’t wait to hear their record, look out for them, they’re going to be huge.

Tell us a joke.
How do you lose ten pounds of ugly fat?
Cut your head off.


Evita release their debut album, Minutes And Miles on 29 June 2009 via Basick Records and are on tour in July with Shaped By Fate. Visit Evita’s official MySpace for more information.



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