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May 7th, 2009

Future Hits 026: Spy Catcher

Yes, there might be a member of Gallows in newly-formed punk rockers, Spy Catcher but there’s a whole load more to this band than just that. We caught up with frontman Steve Sears to talk about his new band.

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From: London and Watford, UK
Sounds like: Rival Schools, Foo Fighters, Watford

How did Spy Catcher get together then?
We all grew up around Watford playing in bands, so we’ve known each other forever. Mitch [Tom Mitchener, guitar] and I have hung out making music since we were kids and Ali [Gordon, drums] and I were in a band together for ages. I’d been sitting on a couple of songs for a while and one day we thought, “Let’s just fucking do this properly!” I tracked a few demos with Stu [Gili-Ross, bass] at my humble home studio and we just got going.

What are your hopes and dreams for Spy Catcher?
We never set out with a set game plan as such, but I’ve always wanted to give a solid rock band a good go and I think the rest of the guys were thinking the same. Mitch and I messed around in a band with a kinda similar feel a few years back called Never The More with Dan Mumford and Lee Barratt, but we never really pushed it – it was more about having fun – and we all started spending more time with our own bands. Then recently I just got really into the idea of writing this ballsy punk rock again. We’ve all said we want these songs to be the kind of thing you might hear on the radio and be like, “That’s so fucking catchy but it’s got some real balls!”

What other bands are you all in?
I’ve done a few tours with The Legacy and was in Cry For Silence with Ali before we called it a day a year or so ago. Mitch plays bass for Haunts and Stu plays for Gallows.

Stu’s going on tour with Gallows soon. How will that affect your plans and progress?
We all knew the score with Stu’s commitments and we said from day one that we didn’t ever want to interfere with his involvement with Gallows in any way. They’re old friends and we sure as hell weren’t gonna be riding on any coattails. Luckily, we function as a three-piece brilliantly, Mitch hops on bass and voila. We are ready to play any show, any time, anywhere! Mitch and Stu both agreed that they weren’t gonna get precious about one of them not being able to make a show so it works out for everyone – we haven’t had a problem so far and can’t see it getting in the way in the future.

Have you got an album or full tour planned?
We’re bang in the middle of recording six tracks now. It sounds cool, real live feel to it all. Where these songs end up is an open book at the minute.

Why the name change from Dead Fast Car to Spy Catcher?
Simple, Dead Fast Car is one of the worst band names ever.

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
I know every band says, “You can’t really pigeonhole us,” or whatever, but it’s hard to answer that. We’re new to this more melodic rock scene; we’ve pretty much grown up playing with hardcore bands in the UK. On a far bigger scale I guess we could be clubbed in with bands like Hot Water Music, Biffy Clyro, Weezer… we’ve had a load of comparisons – none of which I’d fucking agree with, but then that’s always the way isn’t it?!

I hear a lot of Rival Schools – what are your musical influences?
Yeah, I can see the Rival Schools thing. I love the grittier side of post hardcore stuff, like those guys did so well. The thing I liked about bands like that is it had a real sound without being too whiney or stylised, maybe when ’emo’ meant something entirely different. When I was younger I flipped out when I heard real passionate stuff like The Get Up Kids, early Saves The Day, Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike. I loved the way it was really moving without being soppy and wet. There were some cool kinda stripped down English bands around the same time that have stayed with me too like Spy vs. Spy (name similarity is purely coincidental!) and Kids Near Water. At The Drive In and The Strokes have been a bit of a writing influence recently too.

With which band would your dream tour be?
For us, I’d love to do a tour with Weezer… and Madness… and Radiohead… all on one bill! How good would that be?

What other band should everyone find out about?
We’re off to play a show in a couple of hours with a band called Sharks who are really making a name for themselves. I love the tracks I’ve heard so it’ll be cool to check them out live.

Tell us a joke.
Go fuck yourself. Just kidding… but really.


Check out Spy Catcher’s official MySpace to hear a couple of pretty damn good songs and for more information like future gigs and stuff.


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