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May 14th, 2009

Future Hits 028: Telegraphs

Judging by their touring plans, Brighton’s Telegraphs have been clearly been doing the right things in front of the right people of late. We had a chat with delectable bassist, Hattie Williams about exactly what they’ve been up to.

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From: Brighton, UK
Sounds like: Billy Talent, Biffy Clyro, The Automatic

Thrash Hits verdict: After working incredibly hard over the past couple of years, this Brighton mob have come along in leaps and bounds. Now, with some great tours ahead of them, theirs might be a name you start hearing a lot more of.

How did you meet?
I was working in a bar in Brighton, Darcy [Harrison, vocalist] used to come there for a mutual friend’s club night. We just got talking, he needed a bass player and I wasn’t in any bands at the time. He’d already met our drummer Sam through friends, and together we fotund Darren on the internet. Aung is the newest member, he joined late last year. We found him in a pub, he didn’t have any front teeth at the time.

What made you want to start Telegraphs?
I think we just all really, really wanted to play music. That’s always a good reason to start a band. We didn’t have any big agenda when we started this band. It was simply a case of finding likeminded people who were good musicians.

Where did the name come from?
I am a direct descendent of the Russian diplomat Baron Schilling. He invented the electronic telegraph machine in 1832.

Watch the video to ‘We Dance In Slow Motion’ by Telegraphs

How has living in Brighton affected your music?
I’m not sure that it has in the way that you might expect. We have existed very much outside of the ‘scenes’ in Brighton, so I wouldn’t say that we have taken any direct influence from any of the bigger Brighton bands. We are not a band that really fits into the Brighton hardcore and metal scene, and even less so in the indie and art scene.

I would say it has had more of an influence in that Brighton is a really miserable place in the winter. In the summer it takes on a whole different personality, but for the other eight or nine months of darkness it is pretty gloomy. Seaside towns are all like that. I think that has an effect on our moods, and so has an effect on our music.

What are your musical influences?
They are really varied… there isn’t a single band that we can all agree on liking. Personally, I love The Smashing Pumpkins, Idlewild, Weezer, Biffy Clyro. A lot of Cursive gets played in the van. We also listen to a lot of old folk and ambient electronic music like Boards Of Canada. It’s a real muddle of things and that is going to show more on the next album, I think.

With which band would your dream tour be?
The Smashing Pumpkins, circa 1997. Is that allowed? In real time, I think we’d all agree that playing with Biffy Clyro would be pretty special.

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
That’s a difficult question because, as I said earlier, we don’t feel we are really part of any scene in Brighton or anywhere for that matter. It actually makes things a bit harder for us to be honest. I think when you’re part of a tangible scene it’s easier for people to relate to your music more quickly. It’s like, oh there’s a night of hardcore bands… I like hardcore…I might go to that. Bands in scenes can stick together and then kind of mutually build fan bases together. So in a way, I think we kind of feel on our own a bit in that sense… but we’re coping ok!

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What marks you out as different to other bands around at the moment?
Our van. It’s called Jean-Claude VAN Damme. All the seats in the back face forward, where as every other band we have come across on the road have a van with back seats that face each other!

I’d also say our potential to do this for a very long time. So many bands get too far too quickly and it all just implodes. We’re building this slowly and want to make a lot of records before we’re finished.

You’re going on tour with In Case Of Fire. How have you prepared?
Well, we haven’t started packing yet! We’ve just been out with Innerpartysystem and I think our set is in pretty good shape. We’ve been working on getting some of the tracks on the album sounding good live. Some of them changed so much when we recorded them, that is has been like starting over.

What’s the best or funniest show you’ve played?
Hmm. Well there was that one where I fell over backwards knocking over a few amps and cymbals and couldn’t get up again. That was pretty funny. Not for me of course, but for everyone else.

Tell us a joke.
A horse walks into a bar. The barman says why the long face?
The horse replies, “Leave it out mate, I just found out I got testicular cancer.”


Telegraphs release their debut album, We Were Ghosts comes out on 25 May 2009 and are touring with In Case Of Fire from 22 May 2009 before embarking upon their own co-headline tour in June. Check out all the dates on their official MySpace.


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