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May 28th, 2009

Slayer get interviewed while recording new album

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Kerry King and Tom Araya of thrash legends Slayer have been interviewed in the studio about their US tour with Marilyn Manson and their forthcoming untitled tenth album. That’s quite a landmark, isn’t it.

After releasing ‘Psycopathy Red’ in October 2008, there has been much so hype surrounding the thrash legends’ new album. Everyone’s saying it’s gonna be their best since Reign In Blood. Everyone’s saying they’re back on form. (Again). The thrash legends themselves are saying how they’re gonna split up soon and whatever. It’s all gonna be fine.

This album will probably be released in July, but it might not. It’s all shrouded in “secrecy” because nobody has a clue what’s going on. We’ll find out when we find out and we’ll lose a few brain cells with the double action of beer and headbanging. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll probably wake up naked again.

Shockhound says the following about this interview they’ve done:

“Tom Araya and Kerry King give ShockHound an exclusive sneak peek at their new album, talk about their upcoming Rockstar Mayhem Tour with Marilyn Manson, and look back on 30 friggin’ years of Slaytanic insanity.”

Watch Shock TV: In the studio with thrash legends Slayer

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