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May 12th, 2009

Win a pair of Vans classic slip on trainers

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Vans in association with Relentless presents a snow, skate and music event called Vans Dawn of the Shred on 30 May 2009 at Milton Keynes Xscape and yes, there are some bands playing, including Turbowolf (pictured). Most importantly, you can win a pair of shoes.

Ridiculously unfunny joke hair metallers Jett Black are headlining (not to be confused with wholly average UK porn star, Jett Black) with the double emo helpings of Failsafe and First Signs Of Frost in support. As well as Turbowolf, but we said that already.

You can skate and what from 8pm ’til midnight, when you can drink ’til death whilst watching those bands. There are prizes like £1000 and trips to chalets in France if you’re any good “on the slope”. We’re not. We’re shit but we’d definitely have a go on the ‘Dalikfodda Sh*thouse of Justice’. Sounds dangerous. And cold.

You can win a pair of Vans classic slip on trainers which look similar to the ones in the below photo but will almost certainly not have the awesome Slayer stuff all over it. They’ll still keep your feet millimetres away from the ground though, so don’t moan.

**UPDATE** The prize is THESE SLAYER VANS. Thanks, Vans. You’re gonna make some thrasher’s feet’s day.

vans slayer trainers slip ons thrash hits

Win a pair of Vans classic slip on trainers with SLAYER all over them by answering this popular culture-based question correctly. I wish I was Face.

The A-Team used to drive around in a black van. What colour was the stripe down the side?

This competition is dead. Go click Competitions and find another one and win some other shit.

If you do win and then moan about the trainers not having Slayer all over them, we will actually come and draw Tom Araya’s face on your face.

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