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June 11th, 2009

As Download Festival prepares for a mudbath…

Sunshine Vampire Goth Thrash Hits

With reports coming in of a water-logged Download Festival site, Thrash Hits is lamenting over the weathr’s probable effect on one of our more obscure festival pastimes – “Spot The Over-Dressed Festival Goth”.

The rules were simple – every time you see one of these black-clad followers of the gothic way, down your drink. And if you don’t have a drink, go immediately to the nearest bar and buy one. Then you down it. If the ground is ankle-deep in slimy mud, with torrential downpours disrupting our day, it’s just not going to be half as much fun to play.

You know the kind of jokers we’re talking about when we say “Over-Dressed Goths” – the weather at festival might be hot enough to cook eggs on a car bonnet, but they’re the some goths tromping around the site in their New Rock boots and PVC trenchcoats. They’re the kids who’d rather risk heatstroke and dehydration through sweat-output alone, rather than lose their regulation black garb or expose their pale flesh to the tan-inducing UV rays of the sun.

A word of warning: don’t ever play this game if the Sisters of Mercy are playing at the  festival. By the end of the day, fatal alcohol poisoning will see you getting zipped up in a body-bag in an ambulence instead of the sleeping bag in your tent.

It’s a good thing we can get our Summer Goth LOLs in other ways then. Like giggling at the display of daylighter-dodgers on the excellent Goths In Hot Weather blog. It’s as if someone took the spirit of our childish drinking game and made a website out of it. It’s not be quite up there with the accidental comedy-genius that is the Goth Cruise, but it’s close.

Watch the trailer for ‘Goth Cruise’

Download Festival 2009 kicks off at Donington Park tomorrow. If you haven’t got a ticket sorted by now, I guess that’s just tough-titties, ain’t it?



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