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June 11th, 2009

Download Festival 2009: Rumours & Gossip direct from Donington

download festival 2009 thrash hits donington

Yep, we’ll be updating this all weekend with little nuggets of unsubstantiated chitter chatter from backstage and speculative banter from out front. Whatever we see or hear that not everybody knows yet (or not everybody is meant to know) will be right here on this page.



After pulling out of Download Festival late doors (they’ve been replaced by The Blackout playing a second set of the weekend), The Ghost Of A Thousand are going to be playing at Sonisphere Festival 2009. Bonus!


There’s already talk about tomorrow night’s headliners, Slipknot returning to the UK later on in the year for a one-off, tenth anniversary headline show at the London O2 Arena. That’s massive news, if it’s true.

We’ve just heard that Limp Bizkit are playing an intimate London show this summer. Kentish Town Forum maybe? We think so.


With Faith No More returning last night and headlining tomorrow night, everyone’s talking about the back of the tshirts they’ve got on sale. Their hastily-taken-down Reading & Leeds Festival self-confirmation from April has been reconfirmed in print. That’s another reason to spend the August Bank Holiday weekend in a massive tent.

A man sneezes violently. Twice. Another man immediately voices his concerns that the massive number of people in close proximity at this festival could cause the Swine Flu pandemic to spread like… errr… Swine Flu. That bloke in the Slipknot gasmask suddenly doesn’t seem like such a plonker.


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