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June 8th, 2009

Is that guy on the new Big Brother a heavy metaller or what?

big brother 10 marcus akin contestant thrash hits heavy metal music

There is a fair bit of questionable evidence that goes towards the equally questionable conclusion that Big Brother 10 contestant, Marcus Akin is a heavy metaller. Featured on the original ‘Most Banal Television Concept Ever’, the 35-year-old carpenter/glazier from Brentford loves guitars and has got stupid hair. Err…

This time last year during Big Brother Australia, they had a Heavy Metal Night of games. With games titled “Skid Row” (skidding across a mat), “Kick Drum”, “Iron Maiden” (something about laundry) and, of course, “Pin the tongue on Gene Simmons,” it sounds like the birthday party I wish I had. When I was 10.

It’s stuff like this that makes you appreciate real life that little bit more. Back to the hairy window-fitter on the telly though…

Marcus has not shared a house with someone for 20 years, let alone with 15 fellow housemates. He describes himself as a big kid in a man’s body and exaggerates everything to tell a “cool story”. He thinks Big Brother will be “like a mini Butlins and a regression into childhood”.

Butlins has been the scene of a couple of Kerrang! festivals and its even-more-wholesome counterpart, Pontins is currently busy hosting Hard Rock Hell and Hammerfest. That’s quite metal. It’s not for kids though. Hmmm…

Marcus has a Siamese cat who he describes as “a bit of a bastard” as he steals money and sabotages plants. People who dislike his hair offend him.

Even if the interestingly-coiffured Marcus is a Razorlight fan, his cat is fucking metal. It’s a plant saboteur! However, the cat also steals money so is more of a massive wanker than a bit of a bastard.

Marcus aims to do as many evening classes as possible and has completed courses in Japanese, interior design, grounds maintenance, health and safety, food safety, first aid, and construction, while he’s currently doing an IT course. One of his proudest moments was renovating the windows in Windsor Castle. A porn star or toy designer would be his ideal job.

He’s doing an IT course. It’s a well known stereotype that computer geeks love heavy metal and comics. Are you sold?

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