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July 20th, 2009

Album: Evita – Minutes And Miles

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Minutes And Miles
Basick Records
13 July 2009

by Chris Cope

As debut albums go, this ain’t a bad one. Some are barnstorming, prophetic visions of what music should be, whilst some meekly near their heads before sneaking back into muggy obscurity. This album by Bristol’s Evita rests snugly somewhere in the middle; it’s a bit like the Anthony Worrall Thompson of metal.

Not in your face shouting for, and usually attaining, your attention like Gordon Ramsay, you know he’s alright at what he does, but he sits on the fringes of mainstream exposure and you’re not sure if you’re going to tune back in to watch his smug little face again.

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The album gets off to a pretty encouraging start in the form of ‘Cracks In The Walls’, which builds from some whisping female vocals and plunging riffage to create a neat package of amalgamated screaming and singing, clean guitar and distorted guitar.

Much of Minutes and Miles sheepishly attunes itself to this formula, with cleanly sung choruses and guttural verses predictably getting called upon frequently. That’s not to say it’s all bad though, as this contrasting style can often bear fruit. Take ‘Myself To You’ for instance, a melting pot of dextrous picking, primitive open stringed sludge and stirring melodies, or ‘Willing To Wake’, which showcases an up tempo chorus/lead guitar couplet that punctuates the song superbly.

Watch Evita’s first studio video diary. They never made another.

But there is little here beyond normality; this stuff is pretty typical of modern metal. There are a few dalliances and deviancies here however, with ‘When Losing Everything Means Nothing’ straying into Lamb of God territory whilst the nimble guitar solo of ‘Beneath My Feet’ would probably be more at home in 1989 than 2009, but there’s little depth here that warrants repeated listening.

This is a debut album that doesn’t quite blow your mind but doesn’t disappoint either. If you’re after something for your iPod that will rock the proverbial boat and change your life, move on, but if you’re after a nice Sunday afternoon listen on a rainy day, this might be worthy of a shot – but don’t expect a whole lot of mileage out of it.


Sounds like: Everything you wouldn’t associate with the name ‘Evita’
Top tracks: Cracks In The Walls, Myself To You

Evita – Minutes And Miles tracklisting
Cracks In The Wall
Thrown To The Wolves
Myself To You
Willing To Wake
When Losing Everything Means Nothing
Elusive Victories, Passive Trickeries
Beneath My Feet
Even The Odds



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