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July 2nd, 2009

Album: Goatwhore – Carving Out The Eyes Of God

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Carving Out the Eyes of God
Metal Blade Records
19 June 2009

by Tom Gibbons

Like a squaddie returning home to his doting girlfriend after a lengthy service in the Helmand Province, Carving Out The Eyes Of God ditches the foreplay and goes right in for the kill. Systematically producing a new album’s worth of ferocious Black/Death metal every 3 years has done nothing to blunt Goatwhore‘s ardour for fucked up noise.

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Any concerns as to whether the world needs another Goatwhore album are wiped away by the end of the second track, the brutally fierce ‘The All-Destroying’. Like an unholy weapon forged from classic black, death, grindcore and punk metal, Carving Out The Eyes Of God is the metal equivalent of the hurricane that devastated the band’s hometown of New Orleans.

Drafting in the ball-busting-drill-sergeant-of-a-producer Erik Rutan (who has previously worked with Morbid Angel and Soilent Green) behind the desk, the Louisiana outfit deliver an unapologetic extreme metal record that doesn’t let up until the somber final number ‘To Mourn And Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways’. With Carving Out The Eyes of God, Goatwhore’s simple manifesto of stripped down garage metal results in an album to be recommended to unacquainted metal fans and seasoned listeners alike.

Watch the video to ‘Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult’ by Goatwhore

Lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy visualizing the mosh-pits and the near-sacrificial manner in which future classic, ‘Shadow of a Rising Knife’, will have fans throwing themselves off stages for should the band be make itover to tour Europe later this year. Pray to Satan that they do.


Sounds like: Morbid Angel, Venom, Proper fucking Metal
Top tracks: Razor Flesh Devoured, The All-Destroying, Reckoning of the Soul Made Godless

Goatwhore – Carving Out The Eyes of God tracklisting
Apocalyptic Havoc
The All-Destroying
Carving Out the Eyes of God
Shadow of a Rising Knife
Provoking the Ritual of Death
In Legions, I Am Wars Of Wrath
Reckoning of the Soul Made Godless
This Passing into the Power of Demons
Razor Flesh Devoured
To Mourn and Forever Wander through Forgotten Doorways



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