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July 27th, 2009

Album: None The Less – The Way To Save Ourselves

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None The Less
The Way To Save Ourselves
Irony Records

by Claire Robinson

Hailing from the same part of the UK as Gallows and Enter Shikari, None The Less have offered up a mini-album of post-hardcore which is likely to have The Blackout shaking in their boots. You’re left to wonder exactly what it is they’re putting in the water in Hertfordshire to keep churning out talented bands.

The Way To Save Ourselves is full of momentous guitar riffs – none so prominent as that of its opener, ‘The Payout’. With a riff that explodes into your mind and settling for all eternity, the shared guitar work of Owen Harvey and Joe Page maintains the fine balance of ensuring the technical musicianship on display does not outweigh the melodic nature of the songs.

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‘Define’ introduces not only a double kick drum chorus but the first obligatory screams which perfectly compliment the melodic vocals. A far less commercial offering than the opening song, None The Less have upped the ante and succeeded.

The weakest slice of the pie is ‘News Of A Cancer’ which doesn’t quite flow with the ease of the rest of the album. It’s a gentle reminder that None The Less haven’t made it just yet, and still need a bit of polishing before they’re pulling off a full album of seamless metal anthems. Whilst on the subject of weaknesses, ‘…’ feels a bit pointless, almost like a song that they couldn’t finish. It would have been better left without vocals as an instrumental break.

Picking up the baton where ‘Define’ left off, with the immense guitar riffs and hammering drum work is ‘I Had The World Resting On Me’. The guitar work competes with Anthony Giannaccini’s vocals and an immense break towards the end of the song.

Watch the video to ‘Define’ by None The Less

One of their most popular live songs, ‘Four Fours’, brings all of the above elements together, and it’s harsh feel comes through on the recording giving only a hint of what this song is like live. ‘I’ll Feel Like Your Enemy’ takes the album back down to a more commercial finish, this time with some screaming included along with the anthemic chorus.

There are still some creases to iron out of this band but they’ve got great ingredients: talent, passion, confidence and skill. There really isn’t much that could hold these boys back, even taking into consideration the huge numbers of post-hardcore bands surfacing around the UK.


Sounds like: The Blackout, Enter Shikari
Top tracks: The Payout, Define, Four 4’s

None The Less – The Way To Save Ourselves tracklisting
The Payout
News Of Cancer

I Had The World Resting On Me
Four Fours
I Feel Like Your Enemy
Clock House



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