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July 25th, 2009

Album: Outcry Collective – a r t i c l e s

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Outcry Collective
a r t i c l e s
Visible Noise
27 July 2009

by Vincent Danger

A lot of people are going to give Outcry Collective a lot of shit for being late to the “Every Time I Die are great” party but with their debut album, a r t i c l e s, the Brits have shown there’s more to them than just Kentucky Fried Hardcore.

There is, obviously, absolutely not a chance in an extinguished hell of the Surrey hardcore quartet getting away from their ostensible influences but they can at least argue that while the vast majority of the emerging British hardcore scene takes heart from ETID – the masters of the genre – they have their own take on it all.

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The standard hardcore rock ‘n’ roll fodder can be found here but only muddled around up against some definite variation like thunderous headbanger ‘A Great Day For The Crows’, the lolloping, blues-riddled ‘Moonlight’ and the unrelentingly furious opening brace of songs.

Then you get the measured contempt of ‘Crystal Clear’ and the chiming voices and momentum-gathering guitars of ‘Clock House’, which leave you with a totally different impression of the band. They’re typically fashioned album closers in that there’s a tangible level of catharsis and restraint but then as the guitars dabble effectively into desert session territory your ears might prick slightly. Who knows?

Watch the video to ‘New Franchise Mess’ by Outcry Collective

Clocking in at 36 minutes ensures that any nagging doubts at the back of your mind can never fully develop into spiteful disregard, which is lucky because there’s a way to go for them yet. However, with this accomplished, if not wholly original debut under their belt, you wouldn’t best against a couple of zingers coming from Outcry Collective in the future.


Sounds like: Every Time I Die, Kyuss, Every Time I Die
Top tracks: New Franchise Mess, Dead In The Water

Outcry Collective – a r t i c l e s tracklisting
Out Of My System
Dead In The Water
Straight From The Throat
Saviour Stranger
A Great Day For The Crows
Homecounty Killer
Prepare Yourself For The News
Crystal Clear
Clock House



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