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July 16th, 2009

Album: Pantheon I – Worlds I Create

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Pantheon I
Worlds I Create
Candlelight Records
27 July 2009

by Tom Gibbons

Norwegian Black Metal – just three little words, but they provoke all manner of aberrant concepts. From corpse paint and shoulder-spikes, to goat-bothering and church burning, it’s Black Metal’s more furtive hobbies that cause scoff and scorn in equal measure. So does it matter when the new album from Pantheon I chooses to end with a Gandalf-esque bellowing of “The sight of Christ offends my eyes!”? Is it really necessary? Yes, of course it is. Don’t be stupid.

Pantheon I Worlds I Create cover packshot artwork Thrash Hits

With Pantheon I’s blast-beat funeral concertos, gratuitous Dungeons-and-Dragons-ism are more than just permissible; they’re absolutely necessary. Quite how the band only managed their very first shows outside the motherland of BM in 2007 (opening for Mayhem in France) is both strange and unfortunate, but Candlelight Records recognised the talent (and the former members of 1349) and signed them up regardless.

Worlds I Create is almost a ‘true’ black metal record, brimming with anti-religious zeal and retaining elements of the more simplistic Mayhem sound whilst impressing in scope and ambition, much like the outstanding IX Equilibrium by former labelmates Emperor. The production and arrangement is a vast improvement over previous effort The Wanderer And His Shadow – lyrics are decipherable, the drums are lightening, a warm cello creeps up and over the hyper-blasting-wall-of-noise, and we’re treated to a cheeky wah-wah guitar solo in the epic ‘The Last Stand’.

Watch the video to ‘Where Angels Burn’ by Pantheon I

Among the best BM release of 2009 so far, Worlds I Create bears a creative lust for nauseous intensity deployed at a bombastic nosebleed speed. Just make sure you’re listening to it through a set of speakers as serious as Pantheon I take the business of being black metal.


Sounds like: Emperor, Satyricon, Mayhem,
Top tracks: The Last Stand, Ascending, Defile The Trinity,

Pantheon I – Worlds I Create tracklisting
Myself Above All
Defile The Trinity
Serpent Christ
Burn The Cross
The Last Stand
Written In Sand



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