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July 29th, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: New Machine Head album to be called ‘Blacking Out’

Machine Head Sonisphere promo photo Thrash Hits

Machine Head’s follow-up to award-winning album, ‘The Blackening’ is likely to be called ‘Blacking Out’, our cheeky sources can exclusively reveal.

The new album, which will feature abrupt stops to songs, crashing sound effects and guitars going screamingly out of tune is likely to be a hit with fans who have waited more than two years for new material from the San Francisco Bay rockers…

Making fun of guitarist Phil Demmel’s unfortunate illness is not funny, but after our conjecture on Sunday that the Bay Area metallers would be returning to the Sonisphere Festival lineup this coming weekend, Blabbermouth have reported a “very reliable source” has confirmed it and the band has also taken the cancellation announcement off their website. Ooh.

We will, of course, be at Sonisphere Festival this weekend doing stuff like taking photos and talking to bands. We’ll probably put some of that stuff on this website as well. Who can say?

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