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July 1st, 2009

Through The Eyes Of A Beerholder – Metal Mark in Atlanta

After his debut Thrash Hits column last month, Metal Mark from is back to tell us what’s been shaking over the pond in Atlanta these last four weeks.

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What’s going on metalheads? The past month has been full of shows in Atlanta. Now my wallet is empty, and there is more PBR in my body than water.  This month started out with the awesome Summer Slaughter tour at The Masquerade in Atlanta.  The tour lineup was insane, with bands like Necrophagist, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Origin, and Beneath The Massacre destroying the stage.

The tour did have some horrible “deathcore/hardcore” bands on the bill, but that’s when I went to grab beer or hang outside with friends. I can’t stand these unoriginal bands that just do breakdown after breakdown and their fans are the worst. Why is hardcore dancing still around? Honestly, you look like an idiot when you do it and everyone knows it. Oh well, to each their own.

During the show, I was lucky enough to get interviews with Necrophagist, Suffocation, and Dying Fetus. All of the members were cool as hell, and it was awesome to sit down with the legendary Suffocation and chill with them for a few moments backstage. Frank was a very cool guy and you could really tell he loves what he does with all his heart.

Metal Mark chillin’ with the guys from Suffocation
metal mark skulls n bones thrash hits suffocation

At the end of the month, a killer lineup came in with Abigail Williams, Goatwhore, Dååth, Abysmal Dawn, and S.W.W.A.A.T.S (that’s Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky, btw). It was the first show of the tour so before the gig, the bands had a pizza party that fans were invited to and it was a blast. Most of the band members were at the party, and we got free pizza, CD’s, and more! Later that night, each band put on a killer live show even though the attendance was really low for Atlanta. Most of the fans were there for Atlanta’s Dååth and then left right after their set, which was a mistake. Goatwhore always put on a killer set if you have not seen them live.  I shot video of Dååth and Goatwhore performances that night between beers, so check those out if you’ve never seen these bands live. Definitely two bands to check out!

The best thing about June was all the new heavy music that came out.  The ones that stick out to me are the new discs from iwrestledabearonce, Darkest Hour, Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Suicide Silence, Ex-Deo (who has the most epic video ever), and Voivod. My top CD of the month is easily the new Goatwhore album, Carving The Eyes Out Of God. That album is a beast! You can bang your head through every song and never get bored, so definitely check that CD out!

Also, check out the new Cliff Burton biography, To Live Is To Die (by sometime Thrash Hits scribe, Joel McIver no less). I ordered it the other day and it just came in the mail. I’ve heard so many good things about it and I will start reading it very soon. In July, I am working on getting interviews with most of the bands at the Mayhem Festival, so hopefully that works out. Be on the lookout in July for the brutal new cds from Job For A Cowboy, Suffocation, DevilDriver, Divine Heresy, Atheist, and Arkaea. Other than that, tell your friends about, drink beer, support true metal, drink more beer, and keep your horns high!

Mark does indeed keep the horns high, this time in the company of Dying Fetus
metal mark skulls n bones thrash hits dying fetus


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