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July 3rd, 2009

Interview: The Ghost Of A Thousand – “I’m going to live in my pants, down a well”

Before they head out on their headline July tour, we caught up with Brighton punks The Ghost Of A Thousand to talk about new album New Hopes, New Demonstrations and an all Asian side-project!

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What have you guys been up to since recording the new album?
TOM – Well we’ve been knocking the live set into shape and getting it ready for the British and European Union since January this year… also the record finally came out, so we’ve been in a state of shock.

Was there a different feeling creating New Hopes… given the increased popularity since your debut?
TOM – Well I think all that meant is that we knew that this time around people would definitely be listening to what we were saying which was cool, last time when writing lyrics I was a bit, “Well no-one’s ever going to pick up on this shit.” Now I have to be a bit more careful about who I call a cunt cos it’ll probably get back to them and I’m rubbish at brawling.

Is there a change in attitude toward the music now being signed to the prestigious punk label Epitaph?
TOM – Not really, the fear of being shit is what drives us to work so hard at the music and I think no matter what label we’d ended up on we’d have made a real effort to make the record better than the first one. But we are super proud to be on Epitaph.

Are you looking to put on a bigger and badder show on your upcoming tour after having to cancel your appearances at Download Festival and two other shows?
TOM – Very much so, we’re stoked to be on tour in July and some of the festivals we’re playing this year look amazing. And we’re very sorry we had to cancel; we do it very rarely.

The tour is with two great up and coming bands in The Computers and Sharks, how does it feel being part of these smaller bands’ break into music?
TOM – Well that all depends if anyone’s at the shows ha ha! They are awesome, this is a proper British punk tour, although those bands are going to be so disappointed at how un-rock’n’roll we all are… me and Andy especially.

Jag, tell us about your Greencard side project?
JAG – Well, Greencard was something Raz and I thought of whilst enjoying a fine glass of vodka soda with a twist. I learned that Raz is a fine violin player and I can play the banjo like a riot. We’re planning to put an Asian supergroup together that has hardcore credibility and pop hooks! Mr. Herman Li, if you’re reading this please get in touch!
TOM – Can I just add I’m deeply hurt you’re doing this but you should get James Iha from Pumpkins involved as he looks like he could use the work these days.

What are the plans for you guys after the tour?
TOM – I’m going to live in my pants down a well.

TGOAT’s new album New Hopes, New Demonstrations is out now via Epitaph and are on a full UK tour right now.

The Ghost Of A Thousand July 2009 UK tour
01 Liverpool Barfly
02 Carlisle The Brickyard
03 Glasgow King Tuts
04 York Barfly
05 Sheffield Corporation
06 Birmingham Eddies
07 Cardiff Barfly
08 Plymouth White Rabbit
09 Exeter Cavern
10 Canterbury Lounge on the Farm Festival
11 Cumbria The Canteen
12 Guildford Guilfest
13 Milton Keynes Crawford Arms
14 Oxford Bar Academy
15 Southampton Joiners
16 London Barfly


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