Thrash Hits

July 15th, 2009

Jazz the Palaces Burn: Lamb of God goes smooooth

Lamb Of God promo photo 2009 Thrash Hits

When Thrash Hits got all excited over Lamb of God’s tasty sixth album, Wrath, earlier this year, it was because of its groove-riding cowboy riffery, and the sheer weight of seasoned raw fury it offered. But clearly some clever so-and-so’s felt a bit different – and have gone re-worked the album’s chief calling card, ‘Set To Fail’, into a slice of smooth jazz funk.

Thanks to those good fellows over at, they’re gone and shared the wealth with the rest of the internet. Randy Blythe on the jazz flute for album no.7, anyone?

Watch ‘Set To Fail’ by Lamb of God…in the style of smoooooth jazz

Lamb of God return to the UK for the first ever Sonispere Festival, taking place at Knebworth Park on August 01-02. Well, most of them will be – guitarist Mark Morton will be back home in the USA, as his wife is about to drop a sprog. Awww. Unearth‘s Buz McGrath is set to step in while Morton hangs around hospitals with increasingly sweaty palms.



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