Thrash Hits

July 3rd, 2009

Muse announcing The Resistance song titles every hour **COMPLETED**

muse thrash hits band promo photo warner brothers matt bellamy

After revealing the title to their forthcoming fifth album, The Resistance via Twitter, Muse are now revealing the song title one by one, once an hour again via Twitter.

It’s like an internet-based, song-title strip show! So far we’ve got…

1. Uprising
2. Resistance
3. Undisclosed Desires
4. United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)
5. Guiding Light
6. Unnatural Selection
7. MK Ultra
8. I Belong To You (+ Mon Coeur S’Ouvre A Ta Voix)
9. Exogenesis : Symphony Part I (Overture)
10. Exogenesis : Symphony Part II (Cross Pollination)
11. Exogenesis : Symphony Part III (Redemption)

Oooh, a three-part album closer. Fancy.



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