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July 24th, 2009

Win a tickets to Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2009

bloodstock open air festival thrash hits

So, it’s only about three weeks until the quite wonderful Bloodstock Open Air rips our heads off and puts a bit of heavy metal down our gullets. While we’ll definitely be there (again) gettin up to our usual hilarious japes and tomfoolery, we’re wondering if you’re going to be? If not, maybe you can win some tickets. Courtesy of Thrash Hits! Maybe.

The various stages at BOA09 will be frequented by bands such as Arch Enemy, Municipal Waste, Carcass, Apocalyptica, Cradle Of Filth and Amon Amarth so it’s probably the best small festival in the UK. Is that right? Yes, it bloody is.

Nowhere else in the UK can that nice lady from the WHSmith’s be seen being ravaged in broad daylight by three sweaty men dressed up as vikings, supping shitty lager from horns. Probably. It’s worth it.

Win a pair of tickets to Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2009

Which of these things is made of metal?

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Thrash Hits TV @ Bloodstock Open Air 2008 – What is the most metal meat?


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