Thrash Hits

August 16th, 2009

Bloodstock Open Air 2009: Cradle of Filth – Saturday, 15 August 2009

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As we’re sure you’re well aware of by now, some idiot decided to ruin the Saturday night of Bloodstock Open Air 2009 when they started to throw large, one-pound gobstoppers at the stage during Cradle Of Filth’s headlining spot. Once one of these projectiles collided with guitarist Paul Allender’s spine, the band understandably decided they’d had enough, and cut their set short.

Luckily for Thrash Hits, before all this ruckuss went down,  we’d been on hand to talk with Paul earlier that evening, where we dissected the problems with the UK extreme metal scene, tried to get some sneaky hints on the new album Cradle of Filth have in the pipeline, and all swore allegiance to Cthulhu. Hail the Great Old Ones!

Watch Thrash Hits TV: Cradle of Filth @ Bloodstock 2009

Cradle of Filth @ Bloodstock Open Air 2009 photos courtesy of Gary Wolstenholme