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August 9th, 2009

New blog from the drunk dude – Metal Mark in Atlanta

It’s been another month and so it’s time for another hazy-eyed narrative from Atlanta’s finest metaller-bothering boozehound, Metal Mark from This time, he’s been to Mayhem Festival. Ooh err…

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What’s going on metal people?! The past few weeks have been extremely busy here in Atlanta. It’s been a metal overload! So many shows, so many beers, so little time, but it’s been awesome.

In the past few weeks I have seen live shows from Iwrestledabearonce, Atheist, The Faceless, Psyopus, The Agonist, and of course the all day Mayhem Festival. Most of this blog will be about the Mayhem Festival since I had a lot of interviews and the show was insane. So here we go!

The Mayhem Festival featured Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Job For A Cowboy, The Black Dahlia Murder, God Forbid, and tons more! I had interviews confirmed and was pumped for this show for many weeks. My good friend Brett was the camera guy and we got to the venue around 1pm.

metal mark black dahlia murder atlanta thrash hits

Right as we got our passes, we went straight to the press pit where I was lucky enough to interview Paul from the legendary Cannibal Corpse. This was easily one of my favorite interviews, because he was such a cool guy, and it was freaking Cannibal Corpse man!

After that interview we got to actually watch the show and I could finally grab a cold beer. We missed Whitechapel, but got there right as The Black Dahlia Murder (pictured, above) was destroying the stage. If you haven’t seen this band live, they put on an amazing show and the pits were going insane.

After their set, New Jersey’s God Forbid came on and played a sick show like always. They are definitely not as big as some of the other bands, but they should be dammit, I love this band. Job For A Cowboy played a loud set, with a few technical difficulties, but the crowd was really into them.

After a typical set from All That Remains, the mighty Behemoth took over the side stage. Once they walked out, you could tell who knew who they were, and who didn’t (they were scared). Behemoth thrashed through a perfect, heavy set, and there are not many acts that put on a better show than Behemoth any more.

metal mark kerry king slayer atlanta thrash hits

After standing in the hot sun with an empty cup for too long, it was time we went to the press lounge. This place had couches and chairs set up, and my favorite part, a personal bar inside! We stayed there until it was time to watch Cannibal Corpse live on the second stage and they were easily one of the best bands there. They thrashed through their classics, and played a few new songs, and the crowd didn’t stop banging their heads the whole time.

After that, it was time for more interviews. I got to sit down with members of The Black Dahlia Murder, God Forbid, Job For A Cowboy, and Behemoth. All the interviews were awesome and you can find them all at

We ended the interview with Nergal from Behemoth right as the lights were going out for the awesome Slayer. What can you say about Slayer, they are legends. Each song was played to perfection, the pits were outta control, and you never wanted it to end. Unfortunately, it did with their classic ‘Raining Blood’. I was lucky enough to meet Kerry King that day, hang out with him, and grab a picture.

One of the best moments of my life. After Slayer was MM. Yeah, I was not staying for Marilyn Manson, because well, I‘d rather pull my toenails off my foot. One by one. We left the venue and I headed to my neighborhood bar to get some cold beers before bed. It was an awesome festival and I can’t wait to see who is on next year’s lineup.

So for CDs to be on the lookout for in the next few weeks, there is only one in my mind- Behemoth: Evangelion. This CD is perfection. Easily one of the best CDs of the year, and the best album ever by Behemoth in my mind. Every song is brutal, and the technical parts are mindblowing. They definitely stepped it up on this album. This CD comes out 10 August 2009 on Metal Blade Records. Pick it up, you won’t be sorry.

Now I’m sorry, I am being offered some free beers if I go play some pool with some friends. And if you know me, I never turn down a good metal show and especially FREE BEER. Last words, there is tons of cool stuff happening at, so check out the site today, drink beer, buy the new Behemoth, drink beer, bang your heads, and keep the horns high! Till next time…Cheers!


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