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August 2nd, 2009

Sonisphere Festival 2009: Anthrax @ Apollo Stage – Saturday, 01 August 2009

Anthrax John Bush promo photo Thrash Hits

“You cannot kill what does not die” – not just the lyrical core of Anthrax’s set opener, ‘What Doesn’t Die’, here at Sonsphere 2009, but a fitting commentary on the situation surrounding their entire appearance this weekend. With former frontman John Bush stepping in to fill for the recently resigned/fired [delete according to preference] Dan Nelson, for all their flaws, Anthrax have more willpower driving them on than a dozen neo-thrash revivalist outfits. Despite all their ups and downs, there’s a reason Anthrax are still going.

After ‘What Doesn’t Die’, the band really nail home their feelings on their frontman woes with ‘Fueled’: “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”. If this performance does mark the end of these thrash legends career – as some have speculated it very well might – then they’re going out snarling.

John Bush, looking grizzled and admittedly not as comfortable in the Anthrax fold as he did during his prime era fronting the band, was still staggeringly impressive for for a man who was only bought on board for this performance less than two weeks ago. It’s just a shame the sleepy mid-afternoon crowd didn’t rise to meet the occasion – they dutifully stir for ‘Caught in a Mosh’, ‘I Am The Law’ and – of course – ‘Bring The Noise’, but for the rest of the set, they barely seem to give a shit. Huh – kids today.

Anthrax w/ John Bush @ Sonisphere Festival 2009 photos courtesy of Gary Wolstenholme

Anthrax w/ John Bush @ Sonisphere Festival 2009 setlist
What Doesn’t Die
Caught in a Mosh
Antisocial (Trust cover)
Room For One More
Safe Home
I Am The Law
Bring The Noise



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