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August 1st, 2009

Sonisphere Festival 2009: Interviews, Photos, Setlists, Gossip – it’s all here

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After making our first ever splash page at Download Festival 2009, we thought we’d do another with the inaugural Sonisphere Festival 2009. We’re here at Knebworth for two days and we’re going to be interviewing, photographing and generally just looking at bands all weekend. We’ll make stuff too. Come and look at it all.

Sonisphere Festival 2009 Press Conference part 1


  • Pink Eye from Fucked Up has revealed that he once wiped his arse on holy parchment. BLASPHEMER!
  • Alien Ant Farm touched our cock and balls. For a few minutes. Sexytime.
  • We saw Sonisphere Festival organiser, Stuart Galbraith dressed up as Ming The Merciless.
  • John Bush was great on his return as frontman for Anthrax.
  • We’ve been fed and watered this weekend by the most heavy metal sandwich stall in the world. Ever. Some old dears from the church are selling ham sandwiches and cake from a graveyard. Hell yes.
  • Coheed & Cambria are stuck on a ferry two hours before they’re due onstage.
  • Tony Iommi waved at us and asked how we were doing. We grinned and walked into a fence.
  • We saw Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazarra being ‘helped’ back to his bus by some friends. His toes were dragging on the floor.
  • We accidently stole Damian from Fucked Up’s Sharpie. We dished out some awesome knuckle tats with it, but we still feel bad.
  • Phil Demmel (and the rest of Machine Head) spotted backstage. He hadn’t blacked out again or anything.

Sonisphere Festival 2009 Press Conference part 2


Airbourne – interview
Anthrax – review, photos, setlist
Blackhole – interview
Bullet For My Valentine – photos, setlist
Coheed & Cambria – photos, setlist
Dead By Sunrise – photos, setlist
FACT – interview
Fucked Up – interview
Heaven & Hell – photos
Linkin Park – photos, setlist
Rolo Tomassi – interview, photos
Soil – interview, photos
Skindred – review, photos
Taking Back Sunday – photos
Telegraphs – interview
The Used – interview
The Wildhearts – interview, setlist


Alice In Chains – photos, setlist
Avenged Sevenfold – photos, setlist
Buckcherry – interview, photos, setlist
Cancer Bats – interview, photos
Corey Taylor – photos
Dead By April – interview, photos
Killing Joke – photos, setlist
Lamb Of God – interview, photos, setlist
Lauren Harris – photos
Limp Bizkit – photos, setlist
Machine Head – photos, setlist
Metallica – photos, setlist
Me Vs Hero – interview
Mastodon – photos, setlist
Nine Inch Nails – photos
Paradise Lost – interview, photos, setlist
Saxon – interview, photos


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