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August 2nd, 2009

Sonisphere Festival 2009: Skindred @ Saturn Stage – Saturday, 01 August 2009

Skindred promo photo 2007 Thrash Hits

The only way Benji Webbe could’ve fired up the Sonisphere Festival crowd any further would be if he’d torn down the Saturn Stage’s power cables and physically forced up their collective backsides. Instead, he’s use Skindred’s very own form of electricity to provoke Sonisphere Saturday out of its first hangover of the weekend.

Normally Thrash Hits would say the best place to see Skindred would be in as small and as sweaty a room as you can find, with people bouncing off the ceiling and crawling up the walls – but they’re almost as good when getting a beer-sodden and sluggish crowd onto their feet and moving. They’re like a bacon sandwich – perfect for getting yourself together just after you’ve woken up, and anyone who doesn’t like them is just a bit weird.

Stopping his band just bars into perennial crowd-pleaser ‘Bruises’, Webbe demands the crowd increase their bounce if they want the show to go on. It’s all Crowd Control-101 stuff, but like those bacon sandwiches I now can’t stop thinking about, sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. Webbe certainly infuses Skindred’s set with such twitchy aplomb it’s hard not to be swept along with it. “You can’t download this!” he barks, gesticulating at his frenzied bandmates. No Benji, you certainly can’t.

Skindred @ Sonisphere Festival 2009 photos courtesy of Gary Wolstenholme



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