Thrash Hits

August 30th, 2009

Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Offset Hardcore Special

ghost of a thousand 2009 band epitaph promo photo thrash hits

Almost certainly when you read this, the great and the good from Thrash Hits will probably be passed out drunk in the fields surrounding Reading & Leeds Festivals respectively. But even the weight of an incredible drunken stupor isn’t enough to keep Thrash Hits from giving you a Spotify Sunday Slaylist taster of what looks like the last great festival stage line-up of the summer: the Thrash Hits-sponsored Hardcore Stage from next weekend’s Offset Festival.

Just take a look at the line-up that’s been assembled for the stage’s two days: Devil Sold His Soul, The Eyes Of A Traitor, The Plight, Shaped By Fate, The Tupolev Ghost, Brides, Dead Swans, Rinoa, Attack! Vipers!, Turbowolf, More Than Life, Runwalk!, Easy Hips, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Rolo Tomassi, Blackhole, Throats, The Stupids, Outcry Collective, Lower Than Atlantis, Maths, Kong, Holy State, Azriel and Crocus. WE ARE EXCITED.

Listen to our Sunday Spotify Slaylist: Offset Hardcore Special

Watch ‘Ancient Snake’ by the almighty Turbowolf

Due to the underground nature of this week’s Slaylist, there are plenty of acts we’d like to have included but just couldn’t – including our good buddies in Turbowolf. What do think of the new video for ‘Ancient Snake’? Give us a comment and let us know.