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September 17th, 2009

Album: 3 Inches Of Blood – Here Waits Thy Doom

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3 Inches Of Blood
Here Waits Thy Doom
Century Media
31 Aug 2009

by Wrigz

We all know about Jamie Hooper’s departure from Canadian Power Metal outfit, 3 Inches Of Blood, due to vocal problems and possible damage. We all know about the infamous punch up that led to the change in drummers. But what we want to know though is, can these guys still produce the goods with the line-up changes, and can Cam Pipes cope with his elevated vocal duties role?

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Pipes is very old school; very Rob Halford in his vocal styling and with opener ‘Battles And Brotherhood’ he is unleashed, cutting through the retro tinged metal backdrop offering a treat for any true 80’s classic Metal Heads. A couple of tracks in and Hooper’s guttural vocal punches are forgotten. Pipes does not need them, and neither does the music 3IOB are throwing at us. ‘Rock In Hell’ screams NWOBHM, with any hardcore tag the guys may have strove for gone. This is just balls-out classic metal.

‘Fierce Defender’ gallops along nicely, so much so you could imagine Steve Harris nodding along approvingly, and there is no doubt the dual guitar riffery and harmonisation of Hagberg and Clark will draw many Maiden/Priest comparisons. The guys have created a solid template with classic metal and lyrically painting images that would sit nicely in Middle-Earth. However this record sees them stray slightly from the formula with the likes of ‘Preacher’s Daughter’ veering from the fantasy lyrics, and ‘All Of Them Witches’ giving us an epic and dark musical journey rather than a blues-infused rock standard.

Watch 3 Inches Of Blood recording Here Waits Thy Doom

3IOB have chucked us a winner with Here Waits Thy Doom; it’s a raucous classic metal romp. Pipes’ vocals cut through leaving no room for forgotten man Hooper’s screams. Hagberg and Clark offer slick, duelling fret board antics without breaking into Dragonforce-territory. Here Waits Thy Doom is a slice of retro old school metal that will slap a huge grin on the mug of many a classic metal fan.


Sounds Like: Judas Priest , Iron Maiden, Firewind… let’s face it, it’s proper old school metal.
Top Tracks: Rock In Hell, Fierce Defender, Call Of The Hammer

3 Inches Of Blood – Here Waits Thy Doom tracklisting
Battles and Brotherhood
Rock In Hell
Silent Killer
Fierce Defender
Preachers Daughter
Call of the Hammer
Snake Fighter
At the Foot of the Great Glacier
All of them Witches
Execution Tank



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