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September 8th, 2009

Album: Baroness – Blue Record

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Blue Record
Relapse Records
12 October 2009

by Luke Morton

Baroness have never registered too strongly on many people’s rock radars, they’ve always been a band you’re aware of but not that interested in, but this is all about to change. With the release of their second full length, Baroness tread even deeper into the dark waters of prog metal and unleash their own unique style on your stereo.

Opening with an eerie melodious guitar piece which flows into a sci-fi sound effect it’s obvious this isn’t your stereotypical rock album. Blue Record comes into its own during ‘The Sweetest Curse’ with a chugging riff that Megadeth would be proud of.

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Not ones for sticking to a single genre, Baroness fuse aspects of heavy metal, grunge and balls out rock ‘n’ roll to create a truly distinctive sound. With vocals ranging anywhere from an Alice In Chains-style singing to Mastodon-influenced growls and screams, Baroness definitely lie on the prog side of prog metal.

Blue Record takes a different and much slower turn with ‘Steel That Sleeps The Eye’ which is a sombre acoustic track which could be pictured being sung around a fire in rural areas of America. The highlight of the album comes though with ‘A Horse Called Golgotha’ which starts with a frenzied all-out attack of metal and switches almost instantly to a great headbanging riff to sink your teeth into. Offering a flawless blend of both metal and punk, this song is undoubtedly Baroness’ golden moment.

Watch the video to ‘Wanderlust’ from the Red Album by Baroness

Throughout the album, Baroness explore all territories of progressive rock. Interspersed with interludes and experimental techniques the album isn’t your average rock ‘n’ roll release. The much darker track of ‘Oer Hell And Hide’ features no lyrics but instead the reading of a poem over an almost haunting guitar riff.

Baroness have carved such a popular niche for their original brand of prog rock that this album could propel them into the mainstream metal acts. Featuring some deeper parts as well as some bouncier moments, the album is a complete journey that doesn’t fail to impress.


Sounds Like: Mastodon, Municipal Waste, Kylesa
Top Tracks: A Horse Call Golgotha, War Wisdom And Rhyme, Jake Leg

Baroness – Blue Record tracklisting
Bullhead’s Psalm
The Sweetest Curse
Jake Leg
Steel That Sleeps the Eye
Swollen and Halo
Ogeechee Hymnal
A Horse Called Golgotha
O’er Hell And Hide
War, Wisdom and Rhyme
Blackpowder Orchard
The Gnashing
Bullhead’s Lament



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