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September 16th, 2009

Album: Megadeth – Endgame

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Roadrunner Records
14 September 2009

by Metal Mark

When I received my copy of Megadeth’s new CD, Endgame, I must say I was more excited to hear this album than any Megadeth album before. Everyone was talking about how amazing and brutal this album is, and they weren’t lying.

Megadeth definitely brought back the style of metal that got them fans in the beginning. The CD starts off with a face-melting instrumental that bursts into the second song ‘This Day We Fight’. On this track, Dave is angrier than I have heard him in a long time and his guitar skills have only gotten better. The frets must have been on fire a few times while recording this song, the riffs are insane!

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Next up is ’44 Minutes’, with a true headbanging riff that will break your neck if your not careful. The next few songs are sick, but once the title track hits your speakers, you’ll be breaking whatever is in front of you. Easily the best song on the album for me. The chorus roars with “This is the end of the road, this is the end of the line, this is the end of your life, this is the Endgame!” How much more metal can you be? The riffs, solos, lyrics are all perfect in this song.

The albums keeps your ears bleeding through the next song until the track ‘Headcrusher’ is unleashed on you. Most people have heard this song online but it fits the album perfectly. Definitely a true Megadeth classic in the future.

Watch the video to ‘Head Crusher’ by Megadeth

Usually an album lets up with the last few songs, but not this one. I can only imagine how good some tracks were that didn’t make it on the album. The final two tracks are epic with huge buildups followed by absolute insanity. The guitars fly all over the place, and you should really listen to each song about five times to fully grasp what they wrote.

I have listened to this album at least twenty times since I’ve had it in my hands. It’s the best album by Megadeth in a long time! With every great metal album that has come out this year, ‘Endgame’ must be near the top of the list. It rips from start to finish and leaves you waiting for more. Definitely pick up this CD, turn it up, and prepare for metal madness.


Sounds like: Megadeth at their beast, thrash metal!
Top tracks: Headcrusher, Endgame, THE WHOLE ALBUM

Megadeth – Endgame tracklisting
Dialectic Chaos
This Day We Fight!
44 Minutes
Bite The Hand
The Hardest Part of Letting Go…Sealed With a Kiss
Head Crusher
How The Story Ends
The Right To Go Insane



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