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September 21st, 2009

Album: Ministry – The Last Dubber

Ministry Al Jourgensen promo photo Thrash Hits

The Last Dubber
13th Planet Records
11 Sept 2009

by Jon Kerr

With few exceptions, remix albums are the domain of the die-hard fan and are only ever appreciated in comparison to the original release. In this example, here we have a remix album of the career-ending fanfare that was Ministry‘s The Last Sucker, the George W. Bush-themed album Al Jourgensen had intended to abandon the Ministry name with two years ago.

Ministry The Last Dubber artwork cover packshot Thrash Hits

On The Last Dubber (that should be “Dubya”, right?) Clayton Worbeck – a member of Jourgensen’s other long-standing concern, Revolting Cocks – does most of the knob twiddling, layering the down-the-line industrial chug of Watch Yourself into a mean-fisted, horror-fest. Elsewhere, End of Days – Part One (featuring Burton C Bell of Fear Factory) keeps most of its original riffage intact and works well enough as a re-interpretation. The final track, The Last Sucker (Hardware Revamp Mix) is tubthumping and danceable in its own right: DJs who play Pitchshifter, Killing Joke and White Zombie remixes need to add it to their playlists.

But the highlights are few. Despite Al Jourgensen “retiring” Ministry, the mileage that his 13th Planet label is attempting to wring out of the moniker with The Last Dubber will not be welcomed by many. Industrialial music has embraced the concept of remixes for as long as it has existed, with Rob Zombie, Trent Reznor and others leading the way. Who is Jourgensen to say the idea has a future? Listening to The Last Dubber from start to finish is hard going, so it makes for a poor template overall. You’ll only be coming back to the best of it.

Watch the video to ‘LiesLiesLies’ by Ministry….the non-remix version

Perhaps too many remix albums are subject to the phrase “stick with the original, guys” and are not given the attention they deserve. After enduring the self-indulgence of Worbeck’s “Point of Impact Mix” of ‘Die In a Crash’ and the aptly-named ‘No Glory (Sandpaper Condom Mix)’, it’s a phrase you’ll find impossible to avoid…


Sounds Like: The last Ministry remix album, Rio Grande Dub Ya.
Top Tracks: Let’s Go (La Fin Du Monde Mix), End Of Days Part 1 (One Less Sparrow Mix), The Last Sucker (Hardware Revamp Mix)

Ministry – The Last Dubber tracklisting
Let’s Go (La Fin Du Monde Mix)
Watch Yourself (The Clocks Strike Thirteen Mix)
Life is Good (Neuroplasticity Mix)
The Dick Song (Straight Outta Lincoln Mix)
The Last Sucker (Icke Mix)
No Glory (Sandpaper Condom Mix)
Death & Destruction (A Vote of Non-Confidence Mix)
Die In A Crash (Point of Impact Mix)
End Of Days Part 1 (One Less Sparrow Mix)
End Of Days Part 2 (Extreme Mayan Makeover Mix)
Let’s Go (Dawn of Oblivion Mix)
The Last Sucker (Hardware Revamp Mix)



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