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September 18th, 2009

Album: No Consequence – In The Shadow Of Gods

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No Consequence
In The Shadow Of Gods
Basick Records
31 August 2009

by Wrigz

No Consequence are six British ‘techie metallers with a mission; a mission to blow you away with some of the most comprehensive, high octane, high impact technical metal that you have been craving since SikTh left a gaping hole in the industry.

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If you could bottle the energy and adrenaline that these guys throw out, you would have something that would make Red Bull, Rockstar and all other energy drink makers’ quake in their boots. The technical skill of these guys is literally quite frightening, in particular guitar slingers Dan Reid and Harry Edwards. Opener ‘Ocular Gyro Crisis’ sets the scene and immediately has you wondering if the twin guitar attack are actually machines; such is their ability and tightness.

The whole album is carefully structured and actually flows well without the uber disjointed feel that accompanies so much of this genre possibly giving it a little more of a commercial appeal. ‘The Arrival Of Predators’ shows an epic song structure ranging from guttural demonic vocals to soaring melodies all held together with a rhythm section tighter than a Yorkshireman’s wallet when it’s his round at the pub.

Watch Dan Reid demonstrate ‘Ocular Gyro Crisis’

There are no fillers on this album; it is all completely adrenaline fuelled urgency. ‘The Fallen’ is a face-ripper and ‘Age Of Fear’ is just superb on every level. This really is a blistering debut album, fast and ferocious but the one thing that you always feel when listening is that the guys are always completely in control. Every track and structure is measured and purposeful… taking technical to its full potential.


Sounds like: SikTh, The Arusha Accord, pure bottled adrenaline shaken to the point of explosion
Top Tracks: The Fallen, Age Of Fear, The Arrival Of Predators, Lattitudes

No Consequence – In The Shadow Of Gods tracklisting
Ocular Gyro Crisis
The Arrival Of Predators
The Fallen
Age Of Fear
Shallow Be Thy Name
Inevitable Silence


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