Thrash Hits

September 23rd, 2009

From the vaults: Battlelore talk to Thrash Hits TV @ Bloodstock 2009

Battlelore promo photo Thrash Hits

Look what we found in the archives that’d slipped through the cracks – an interview we did with Finnish folk-metallers, Battlelore, at Bloodstock Open Air 2009. Which is handy timing really, considering their new album, The Last Alliance, is out here in the UK next week, and they’re coming over to tour in support of it later this week.

Henri ‘Henkka’ Vahvanen and Kaisa Jouhki had been offstage just long enough to change out of their chainmail before we got them in front of the camera. But they still had enough of their wits about them to chat about why Finland is so Metal, why the UK is a bit rubbish when it comes to folk-metal of our own, and why Dragons kick ass.

Watch Thrash Hits TV: Battlelore @ Bloodstock 2009

And we suppose now you’ll be wanting them there tour dates now? Well you bloody well should – they’re supporting Finntroll so you know every date is going to be a class night of Finnish folk-metal shennanigans.

Battlelore September UK tourdates
25 Nottingham Rock City
26 London Camden Underworld
27 Wrexham Central Station
28 Manchester Moho
29 Glasgow Cathouse
30 Leeds Rios

There’s still time to buy tickets if you haven’t already. Go on – it’s what credit cards are for.