Thrash Hits

September 11th, 2009

Future Hits 042: September Mourning

September Mourning have just finished touring in support of Marilyn Manson. Probably a good time to have a chinwag with their frontwoman, M Lazar, then isn’t it?
September Mourning promo photo Thrash Hits

From: New York, USA
Sounds like: Otep, Daisy Chainsaw, Rob Zombie less-grubby cousin

Thrash Hits verdict: When one of our compadrés stateside let slip he was working with Marilyn Manson’s opening act, our interest was piqued. Once we’d given their MySpace a good going over though, we upgraded our interet from merely ‘piqued’ to ‘bloody well grabbed round the gizard’. Expect big things from this lot in 2010….


How did the band meet?
I started this project a couple years ago on a bunch of different levels that are soon to come into fruition. The music side of it came to be when I recruited a bunch of my very talented friends to flesh out some songs. We’ve all been friends for years, and it’s super rad to work with your friends.

What made you want to start a band?
I’ve been doing music my entire life, so it was a natural evolution from the solo work i was doing before.

Where did you grow up? How do you think it’s affected your music?
I’m a gypsy of sorts. I’ve lived in four different countries and a bunch of different states and i think that has made me the artist i have become today. I believe the people that have lived the most out of their lives, like really eaten life in handfuls, become the best artists….

Watch ‘SONG’ by September Mourning

Metal fans can be shockingly misogynistic at times – have you experienced or are you worried that people will be dismissive of the band because it’s fronted by a woman?
Eh…. no. I never worry about stuff like that. I have spent most of my life breaking stereotypes. People always look at me and assume i’m a certain way…then they get to know me or see me perform and they are like “holeeeee shit!”

Do you find it depressing that even in 2009 journalists feel the need to ask questions like that?
‘Disappointing’ is a better word.

Why do you think metal has been such a traditionally ‘masculine’ genre?
Because in it’s origins it was looked upon as such, whereas punk welcomed both sexes. To this day is still easier to make it in as a woman, especially in the pop punk genre…but it’s time to break the mold to the masses, and dare i say i have the balls to do it.September Mourning M Lazer promo photo Thrash Hits

What marks you out as different to other bands around at the moment?
This “band” is moreover a “project” – an artistic experience created by a performance artist and her partners. Wait till you find out what i have up my sleeve….

You’ve coming to the end of your tour with Manson. What’s been the highlight so far?
The whole tour has been rad. The shows have been brutal, the fans, and especially Manson himself, who is super cool.

Is Manson as off the rails at the moment as his recent behaviour suggests? His recent UK performance was a bit of a washout.
I have nothing but respect for that man as an artist. I continue to learn every night from him and he has been super supportive in talking to me about sound, vocals and creativeness in general. We are all a little insane. I know I am. You kinda have a little craziness inside to do what we do.

Watch September Mourning dicking about backstage on the Marilyn Manson tour

What’s the best show you’ve played?
They all have been awesome….but at the beginning of the tour I started jumping off stage and standing on the barricades, and I totally screwed my foot. Not that that stopped me from doing it again the next night. In Missoula, I hit myself in the face with the mic and chipped my tooth, and I also came off stage to throw up four times in the trash….METAL!!!!

Can you tell us a joke?
When Farrah Faucett went to heaven, God asked her what she wanted for the world because she was so brave in her life and was so good at heart. She replied, “Just keep all the children safe and happy”… the next day he took Michael Jackson’s life. Awwwwwwww! sheeet… May they both RIP seriously.


Want more? Then point your browser over to September Mourning’s official MySpace page.