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September 21st, 2009

Metallica expert Joel McIver heads over to Italy (and The Crobar) to flog his awesome new book

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Metallica expert and general all-round heavy metal guru, Joel McIver is sloping off to the Cliff Burton night in Milan this weekend to launch his cracking new book, To Live Is To Die: The life and death of Metallica’s Cliff Burton.

If you happen to be in the northern Italian city this Saturday, 26 September and fancy popping into The Alcatraz, where Megadeth played not so long ago you’ll also see the erstwhile Thrash Hits scribe playing bass with ‘Tallica tribute band, Orion and flogging his book to every Italian metaller who has learnt to read within sight.

joel mciver cliff burton metallica book cover thrash hits

Once he returns from the land of pizza, nice clothes and Cornettos, McIver will be drinking heavily at The Crobar on Friday, 02 October. Another ‘Tallica tribute act, Mentallica will be doing their best Trujillo crabwalk impressions there while our Joel will be signing books and breasts with a pen.

We asked Joel to say something stupid about drinking and going to Italy. He obliged:

“I can think of no better place to shout at people through a microphone about Metallica, drink too much Jager and fall off stage than the mighty Crobar – and as for Milan, let’s just say that I expect the fall of Rome to be a mere blip in comparison to the carnage which is going to go down. Forza Metallica!”

Find out more about Joel McIver, the man, the mystery at his official website –



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