Thrash Hits

September 20th, 2009

Muse have a little swap around on Italian telly

muse thrash hits band promo photo warner brothers matt bellamy

Muse have been heavily promoting the lukewarm reception to their latest, fifth album The Resistance and have been a bit silly during their laborious promotional duties. Matt Bellamy? On the DRUMS? SHOCKER?!

Yes, when they’re not managing to fill stadia twice over, those cheeky Devonshire prog rockers, Muse do wander around European television studios miming their songs to backing tracks. It’s not a bad life but it probably gets a bit boring so we don’t blame them for taking the piss a bit.

Please note the buxom blonde presenter of Quelli Che Il Calcio introduces them as, “The Muse,” which we’re sure temporary frontman and bassist, Dom Howard bloody loved as he took his place at the front of the stage alongside temporary lead guitarist and keyboardist, Chris Wolstenholme. Silly boys.

Watch Muse performing ‘Uprising’ “LIVE” on Italian telly



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