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September 8th, 2009

Ten reasons why Paramore nailed their fanclub show @ London Islington Academy – 07 September 2009

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1. The queue snaked all the way round the Islington Academy onto Upper Street even while I was eating half a chicken in Nando’s. Medium with loads of garlic sauce, FYI.

2. I got there late and walked up the stairs ACTUALLY BEHIND THE BAND. Jeremy did some lunges up against a wall before going onstage. I do lunges sometimes. This means he is as cool as me.

3. I was easily in the oldest 10 per cent of the crowd and I still sang along… really badly… ruining the experience for everyone around me. Especially when a bit of that garlic sauce repeated on me. I can only apologise.

4. Almost half of the set was comprised of songs from Paramore’s second album, Riot!. This was good because The Sun once reported that it sold 200 million copies worldwide. This is why I read other newspapers. (It has actually sold two million, which is still lots).

5. Frankie from The Saturdays/S Club Juniors was there and so was Lee from Gallows. Frankie is definitely hotter than Lee but this really shows how wide Paramore’s appeal is. brand new eyes is going to go to #1 in the charts. It will sell more than two million copies.

Hayley Williams / Paramore @ London Islington Academy c/o Helen Boast

Hayley Williams / Paramore @ London Islington Academy c/o Helen Boast

6. Nobody cared that three of the band were just standing there playing their instruments looking really bored with bemused looks on their faces for the whole gig because Hayley was doing all the cool shit like saying happy birthday to young girls and stuff like that. I wished it was my birthday.

7. They covered ‘Long Distance Call’ by cool French indie rockers, Phoenix and turned it into an instant Tennessee hardcore classic. Seriously, it was quite good.

8. The three new songs they played (‘Ignorance’, ‘Where The Lines Overlap’ and ‘Brick By Boring Brick’) sounded about ten times better than their old stuff, which is difficult because their old stuff is rocking. How did everyone know the words already? Bloody internet!

9. When they started playing the song from Twilight, there was so much screaming that I thought there was an emergency and that everyone was going to riot. It was just ‘Decode’. Everything was ok, apart from the fact it was the last song.

paramore fanclub badge london islington academy brand new eyes thrash hits win

10. They gave away these awesome little badges on the way out. They were numbered up to 800 and I got #401 but don’t really want it enough. You can have it.

Win a limited edition badge from Paramore's London fanclub show

What band is Hayley Williams' boyfriend in?

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Paramore @ London Islington Academy 07 September 2009 setlist
Misery Business
For a Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic
Long Distance Call
When It Rains
Where The Lines Overlap
That’s What You Get
Let the Flames Begin

Brick by Boring Brick



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