Thrash Hits

September 1st, 2009

Thrash Hits in the circle pit at CircleTwitt

Circletwitt twitter Thrash Hits

We like Twitter here at Thrash Hits, if only because it gives us a giggle when rock stars go mental at obsessive fans on it, and let’s us know whether or not Jamey Jasta chose the fish or chicken last time he ate airline food. We’re also big fans of websites with puns in their names (Thrash Hits? Who’d have thunk it?). Good job that CircleTwitt combines the two then, isn’t it?

CircleTwitt provides a hub of all the major heavy metal Twitterers around the world, providing a single useful location you can go to to locate every band, website, radio station, journlist, blogger and heavy metal ne’er-do-well using the micro-blogging service. And while the site was launched last week in a blaze of digital-backslapping from the online metal community, we’ve only just gotten round to shouting about it because, well, they’ve only just gotten round to adding the mighty @ThrashHits Twitter to their list. Go on, follow us. We gave away hundreds of festival tickets this year through it, so it’s worth your while keeping an eye on it.



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