Thrash Hits

September 4th, 2009

Voting closes for the COROT-3b “Music” Prize on September 8th

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We thought we ought to remind anyone out there who hasn’t yet cast their vote in the inaugural Thrash Hits COROT-3b “Music” Prize, that the polls close on Tuesday, September 8, at 9:55pm exactly. We’ve even finally gone and decided what specacular prize we’re going to bestow on the band whose album comes out on top.

While the Barclaycard-sponsored money-pit that is the Mercury Prize offers £20,000 in the form of a flimsy, oversized cheque as its ultimate reward, the winners of the COROT-3b “Music” Prize will receive £6.66 in loose change. That’s arguably the Most Metal cash prize ever offered in such a competition (unless we can somehow find a way to pick-pocket Kerry King or something over the weekend, that is).

FYI, COROT-3b is the most heavy metal planet in the universe. Actually – it’s twice as dense as lead. That puts shitty little Mercury to shame. Hence the name.

*** We’re investigating “voting irregularities” – stay tuned for the result ***


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