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September 20th, 2009

Whatever you do, don’t miss Until The Light Takes Us

Until The Light Takes Us promo photo Thrash Hits

There’s no doubt about it – the notorious Second Wave of Black Metal is news again. No, not because Varg Vikernes has decided to start burning churches again now he’s out of jail, but because a new documentary, Until The Light Takes Us, looks set to re-examine (and re-ignite…) all those old controversies.

Receiving its UK premiere on 7 October as part of the Raindance FIlm Festival, Until The Light Takes Us isn’t anthor fit-up job on Black Metal, cobbled together from archive footage by someone who’s skim-read the (allegedly) factually-flawed textbook on Black Metal controversy, Lords of Chaos. The co-directors, Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell, spent two years living in Oslo to get in with Vikernes and the other key figures at the centre of the church-burning, bandmate-murdering Norwegian Black Metal scene of the early 1990s.

Watch the trailer to Until The Light Takes Us

Now while we’d fall short of saying the Second Wave was being re-evaluated – a lot of the people involved are/were a bunch of psycho right-wing nutjobs, after all – it’s certainly undergoing a re-examination. With Terrorizer’s Secret History of Black Metal, Vice TV’s True Norwegian Black Metal documentary and now Until The Light Takes Us show, there are always new facets to Black Metal to explore for even the tr00est devotee of all things kvlt and grim.

There isn’t a UK-wide release date for this yet, so make sure you get your grubby mitts on some tickets and come down to the screening on 7 October then, shouldn’t you? Thrash Hits will be there; you should be there too.



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