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October 4th, 2009

Album: Between The Screams – Our Last Days On Earth

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Between The Screams
Our Last Days On Earth
Basick Records
05 October 2009

by Wrigz

Back in the olden days….for every album you owned, you had to pause half way through to turn it over on the record player. CDs were still the future, and the closest you really got to anything being classed as “epic” was the likes of Iron Maiden or Helloween chucking out a 10+ minute long track. Fast forward to today, and you have the likes of Between The Screams giving us a complete and disconcerting aural epic of an album with Our Last Days On Earth.

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Right from the opening doom laden track ‘LHC’, these guys are painting a desolate landscape with their own post-hardcore progressive metal. Musically it is spot on, with Adam Ralph spitting out gravel laced lines above sweeping ambient backdrops. This album crushes your emotions with power and finesse; ‘Blood Red Dawn’ flowing into ‘*’ is a masterful lesson in emotive sound-scaping, leaving you to ponder whether the end really is nigh.

This is an unrelenting album; the atmosphere never drops. Courtesy of chunky overdriven riffs, thundering bass lines and precision drumming, broken with smatterings of electronica and chilling keyboard interludes, BTS have musically created the dramatics of the apocalypse and the desolate aftermath. ‘Hemispheres’ and ‘The Eagles Are Coming’ make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with peaks and troughs of power and despair yet such is the ambient nature of this album that it does raise intrigue and questions as to whether these guys can carry this off in a live environment.

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As a whole, BTS have delivered a disgustingly good and thoughtful album. It is an album that is capable of aurally painting pictures as powerful as the apocalyptic “playground scene” from Terminator 2, and the soul destroying loneliness following the pandemic in I Am Legend. This is epic in its truest sense, an emotional journey, it is an album that you need to sit down and take it all in in one piece.


Sounds like: Cult Of Luna, Isis….and audio equivalent of the sky falling
Top Tracks: The Manhattan Project, Blood Red Dawn, Hemispheres

Between The Screams – Our Last Days On Earth tracklisting
The Manahattan Project
Our Last Days On Earth
Blood Red Dawn
The Eagles Are Coming
Light Breaks The Sky



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