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October 12th, 2009

Album: Bowling For Soup – Sorry For Partyin’

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Bowling For Soup
Sorry For Partyin’
A&G Records
12 October 2009

by Luke Morton

Back with their seventh studio album, Sorry For Partyin’ once again sees Bowling For Soup happier than a puppy eating candy floss and makes about as much sense. Since forming in 1994, the Texan pop-punkers  have been consistently fun, juvenile and light-hearted in their music which seems to have gone pretty well for them so far. But aren’t they getting a bit too old for it all now?

Bowling For Soup BFS Sorry For Partyin' cover packshot artwork

Despite its obvious gag, opening track ‘A Really Cool Dance Song’ is actually quite funny. Don’t discard them just because they’re not rawk enough, not everyone can be super serious rockstars. The following track ‘No Hablo Inglés’ is again another mildly amusing track based around pretending not to speak English to get out of trouble.

However the problem lies when you realise that the songs are only just funny, and not laugh out loud comedy gems. It’s painfully obvious at times that Bowling For Soup are simply going through the motions – they know when to be silly and know when to talk about girls. ‘I Gotchoo’ though is worth a listen, sung in an almost rnb/rap style before a brief guitar solo-sporting heavy metal section kicks in. Even if the lyrics don’t make much sense.

There are a number of turkeys in the track listing, ‘I Don’t Wish You Were Dead Any More’ and ‘America (Wake Up Amy)’ are the worst offenders, offering nothing new to the album and at times quite boring. The band’s polka version of fan-favourite ‘Belgium’ is hard to take, reminiscent of Weird Al Yankovic’s polka obsession. If BFS aren’t poking fun at themselves, then they’ve surely become a joke of what they once were.

Watch the video to ‘My Wena’ bu Bowling For Soup…we’re so sorry

The songs might be silly and the themes might not be inspired, but then again that’s not what you want from Bowling For Soup. You don’t look to these guys for deep and meaningful lyrics you can relate to when going through a tough time, they’re the band you get a quick giggle from or dance drunkenly to at your local rock club.


Sounds Like: Army Of Freshman, New Found Glory, Wheatus
Top Tracks: No Hablos Inglés, A Really Cool Dance Song

Bowling For Soup – Sorry For Partyin’ tracklisting
A Really Cool Dance Song
No Hablo Inglés
My Wena
Only Young
I Don’t Wish You Were Dead Anymore
Me With No You
Hooray For Beer
America (Wake Up Amy)
If Only
I Gotchoo
Love Goes Boom
I Can’t Stand L.A.
Belgium Polka



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