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October 13th, 2009

Album: Every Time I Die – New Junk Aesthetic

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Every Time I Die
New Junk Aesthetic
Epitaph Records
14 September 2009

by Danny Montana

Try talking about Every Time I Die without calling something, somewhere southern-fried (or a permutation thereof) is nigh on impossible. Indeed, talk about something, somewhere that is southern-fried (or a permutation thereof) and it is nigh on impossible not to at least think of either ETID. Or chicken. Obviously.

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Whatever this genre of country-influenced hardcore is, it can definitely be cited as the riffchild of the Buffalo Bruisers. For all of those imitators that have come after and attempted to supersede their heroes, Andy Williams has always returned with another sledgehammer riff and Keith Buckley has always managed to snarl yet another unforgettable refrain. Who’d have thought it though? They’ve done it again.

While Gutter Phenomenon was a radically polished departure from the raw anger of Hot Damn!, The Big Dirty was the first realisation of the sound they had always aimed for. While it isn’t a massive step forward, New Junk Aesthetic is the sound of Every Time I Die now they’re comfortable in their musical skins. It is effortless class – class in a beer glass.

Squealing to a start with the menacing ‘Roman Holiday’, the party doesn’t stop ‘til the final notes of the ferocious call-to-arms of ‘Goddamn Kids These Days’. There’s not even the musical equivalent of a power cut.

The first serious lean away from their trademark brutality comes during the positively crooned ‘Wanderlust’. Keith Buckley comes as close as he’s ever come to a whole song of clean vocals but those country riffs spill through into the pirate lyrics. Are we on a boat? Are we riding a pony? Simple. It’s a seahorse and they’re fucking great.

If there was any danger of fingers pointing at softer songs, ‘For The Record’ and ‘White Smoke’ clear up any confusion with some absolutely monstrously heavy riffs. Once all their fans have heard this brace of songs, the albatross-like calls for ETID to play ‘Floater’ at every show may well be over.

Watch the video to ‘Wanderlust’ by Every Die I Die

The cameos are here in force with Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato featuring on the short, sharp shunt of ‘The Marvelous Slut’ and The Bronx’s Matt Caughthran lending his unmistakeable tones to the ballsy, bluesy swagger of ‘The Sweet Life’. They’re not there because ETID need a helping hand. They’re there because they want to be part of a great record.

So there you have it. While New Junk Aesthetic is Every Time I Die’s most southern-flavoured opus to date, the bludgeoning riffs that accompany prove that chicken is one thing they are definitely not. Having stepped up to the plate one more time, surely it’s time for everyone to notice them.


Sounds like: every new southern-riffing hardcore band of 2010
Top tracks: The Wonderful Slut, Wanderlust, For The Record

Every Time I Die – New Junk Aesthetic tracklisting
Roman Holiday
The Marvelous Slut
Who Invited The Russian Soldier?
For The Record
White Smoke
Turtles All The Way Down
Organ Grinder
Host Disorder
After One Quarter Of A Revolution
The Sweet Life
Buffalo 666
Goddamn Kids These Days



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