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October 29th, 2009

Album: Forgery – Harbouring Hate

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Harbouring Hate
Candlelight Records
09 November 2009

by Jon Kerr

The rather odd strapline used on the publicity for this release is “Uncompromising Thrash Metal from Norway!” Why is that so odd? Well, it’s not exactly clear why the last two words need to be there. It’s not like Forgery sing in a Norwegian accent.

Forgery Harbouring Hate artwork cover packshot Thrash Hits

The first three words say everything we need to know. Indeed, anyone who likes the sound of the phrase “Uncompromising Thrash Metal” ought to seek out Harbouring Hate without hesitation. As for everyone else: you can stop reading now.

Forgery, as we’ve established, are Norwegian. But don’t immediately think of the speedy Emperor, or the melodic Susperia; Forgery are a straightforward heavy thrash outfit who could just as easily hail from Oakland as Oslo. Their songs aspire to the grandeur of Machine Head‘s anthems and their instruments could be being played by members of Pro-Pain or Lamb of God if you didn’t know any better.

Anders Moen’s impressive vocals have serious balls and – whilst not as individual in style as say Randy Blythe, Jens Kidman or Robb Flynn – sit perfectly in front of the apocalyptic noise spewing from his six-string. His opening line on the album is the succinct phrase “I am not what you want me to be / And I can’t do what you want me to do”, establishing this record’s ambition as a thrash classic of the future. Within its first 66 seconds, opener ‘Equilibrium’ gets your attention and, if you listen carefully, you might even hear The Big Four quaking in all sixteen of their comfy slippers.

Watch Forgery dicking about in the studio

After its raucous beginnings, the first epic track ‘Stained’ kicks in: first with tender, ball-tickling string picks, then with dramatic thuds of percussion which ultimately give way to barely contained chaos: perfect circle-pit fodder. Later on, the dark, double kick pedal orgasm that is ‘Raw By War’ segues perfectly into the explosive ‘Sever’ – this moment demonstrates that Harbouring Hate works best from start to finish and deserves 52 minutes of your life.

Perhaps you are eager and have already pencilled in your Thrash Album of 2009? Perhaps it’s Hordes of Chaos, Infected Nations, or Massive Aggressive? The clocks may have just gone back, but Forgery still have time to have their say.


Sounds like: Uncompromising Thrash Metal … from anywhere!
Top Tracks: Equilibrium, Stained, Sever

Forgery – Harbouring Hate tracklisting
Harbouring Hate
Subdued Wrath
Black the Sky
Raw By War
Turns to Dirt
In Pain



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